April 2016

April has been busy. I’ve been to three big appointments to determine what’s going to happen with my treatment. 

Its been decided that surgery is going ahead. That happened the day the boyfriend and I went on holiday to Cornwall in the middle of April. A week away from the stress of life and being able to just sit on the beach and be relaxed really helped. If I could do it every month, I would. Thus, started the dreams of living closer to the coast once I’m back to feeling better and hopefully on the road to remission. 

I got to speak to my consultant at the start of April to discuss post op medications. He gave me a couple of options to consider but we haven’t decided when this would start. I’m sure he will be on the ward rounds when I’m in having my operation. 

That is taking place on May 12th; a right hemiocolectomy with a cystectomy.

Whilst discussing my bowels, they identified a secondary issue; a large ovarian cyst that needs removing and what better time to do that than whilst I’m having my bowels fixed! I’ve seen a GYN surgeon to discuss this further – the day after returning from holiday – and it is something that is probably causing me more pain and it would be stupid not to take it. Its 7cm and the ‘size of a golf ball’. Knowing this now, I’ve been considering the pain I’ve been experiencing and its location; its evident this cyst has been a problem for a while – all of my Crohns issues since my scope have been located to my right side; where my iluem and ovary are. So what was going to be a 5hrs surgery is now 6hrs. I’m still hoping for it to be straight forward; no complications – biggest one being adhesions from my healed fistula – , no mid line incision and recovery isn’t too terrible. Fingers crossed.

I’m still out of work. I’m still without any benefits too so its been abit of a stressful time, money wise. I’m trying to keep busy. Once the pre op and operation paperwork came through the post last week, I’ve been abit of a mess. I’m having interrupted sleep, really bad stomach pains, unable to eat much and generally feeling rubbish. No medications, only painkillers has started taking it toll and I’m just eager to get May started and my date to come around sooner. But I am also apprehensive because it’s my first surgery and I don’t know what to expect. I don’t know what to plan for and what I’m going to be like. It’ll be better than my last stay in hospital; Novemeber 2011, I hope.

  • Pre op at the hospital on May 10th – hoping for a good chat to discuss my operation and to calm both my boyfriend’s and my own nerves.
  • Operation on May 12th – I’ll be taking a couple days hiatus to get off the strong painkillers, up and out of bed, hopefully back for an update by May 16th.
  • No hospital appointments – rearranged my Nottingham follow up for early July and maybe even the Liver clinic but its possible I might make my June 5th appointment. 
  • Diverted all my Crohn’s group work back to the charity’s head office until mid July. Phew, one less thing. 
  • Lots of visitors expected whilst in hospital but some for after I get home. 
  • My mom is taking time off work to look after me when I get out but we obviously don’t know when this will be exactly. I was touched she wanted / could do this. 


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