This was today, again.

Me and mom went along to the Endoscopy suite at Good Hope for my Humira appointment with my IBD nurse this afternoon.

She got trained by my nurse, Ruth, and had to give me my shot.

And you know what? No pain.

After a try out with the dummy pen, she was encouraged to do my real one. I got abit panicked and starting freaking out a little, but next thing you know, the plunger goes down, the drug is administered and it’s all over in 10 short seconds. It was nothing. I’d thought it was the dummy run again, before Ruth told me it was all over with.

Why am I such a pathetic mess when it comes to doing it myself? Even now, I am frustrated that it is taking my own mother to do it for me. I can see it causing arguments and alot of annoyance. But it is an interim thing for the next month’s worth of injections. That it is back to me doing it; and that freaks me out. I’m already dreading it. But, hey, I can do it right? I can totally do it…!

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