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Its currently the last half hour before my first lot of MoviPrep begins and I am feeling decidedly nervous.

Why, I hear you ask? Well, as noted before, this is my first ‘healthy’ Crohnie check up on my colon. I was definitely very unwell for the last two scopes and I remember the horror that was the Klean Prep for my MRI scan in January.

So, taking in all the advice I’d asked for and have been given over the last two days, I mixed up my first batch of prep a couple of hours ago and am chilling it in the fridge. A whole litre of water mixed into both scashets in the packit comes out at a clean liquid. It doesn’t smell too bad, but I plan on mixing it with some tropical squash – stronger than I’d usually take – and seeing how I go.

I’ve got a hour of the laxative prep, then one hour of a litre of my clear liquid of choice – I’ve gone for watered down clear apple juice – and then another batch of my prep. After I’ve finished that, one more litre of my clear liquid again. How I am going to mix my second load of MoviPrep and chill it is beyond me; I doubt by then I won’t really care about the temperature of it, I’ll just be glad of getting it finished.

In the mist of all this, I’m going to be glued to the bathroom. We have a few in the house, so I won’t be desperate for someone to vacate one for me to use, but both upstairs off my bedroom and the loo in the hallway, I’ve got the wet wipes and nice toilet roll on stand by. I am prepared for the ugiliness that will be this prep.

I’m up early to get to the hospital for 8.30am for my admission. I am hoping the prep is the worst part of this. I have been experiencing all my Crohn’s symptoms this week because I’ve been told not to take any medications to help. So quite literally, I am going like I used to do. There is quite clearly something going on inside of me, so that thought –that they will be able to see whatever problem/s I’ve been having – will keep me going this evening and tonight.

It might be all routine and very familiar to many Crohnies, but explaining it hopefully helps someone who comes across this and am as scared and nervous as I am.

See you on the other side..!