GI Clinic – 15.05.12

GI Clinic – 15.05.12


– Iron Infusion in the coming weeks.

– Humira injection next Thursday can be done with my IBD nurse in the endoscopy suite at the hospital.

– Colonoscopy is due in 2 months time.


It is a weight of my mind to sort my Humira out. I was very upset about my stupid stupid self for not being able to inject myself as effectively like I once could. This is the next option for me; getting someone to give it to me. First the nurse at the hospital. Then a nurse at the GP practice. Then, if I want, someone at home – either my mom or my dad. But I am 24. I feel that I should be able to give it to myself, I put that pressure upon myself to be in charge and in control of my Crohn’s medication. This ‘loss’ of control is hard to take. But it is much needed. It means that I can now inject later in the day and possibly, after a couple sessions, go back to working on a Thursday (a big maybe at the moment). It also takes alot of the pressure off me and my body. It takes alot from my worrying too. So hopefully, I ease up on myself and relax abit more. Stops me stressing out.

No more iron tablets. But with everything returning to normal and still being very anemic, an infusion is the next best thing. Hopefully it can give me the strength I need to continue on as I am and not risk a flare up or relapse of many many weeks in hospital.

I didn’t know the scope was needed. But has been an issue since November and needs to be done to clear me completely. So, yeah, that’ll be something to look forward too..


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