As mentioned in previous posts, my GI  wanted me to go for a MRI scan to determine the activity of Crohns in my bowels, following my coming off Humira in the New Year. So, Thursday March 28th, I had the day off work and made my way to the hospital for what I thought would be a quite easy afternoon of testing. It turned out to be a nightmare. Here are my thoughts, composed whilst waiting, doing my Prep and afterward:

“Arrived at noon. Already the scans are running behind schedule.

Today? I generally feel unwell. Bowels are cranky and I’m very hungry.

It’s roasting in here! So very glad I’ve got my hair cut this morning otherwise, sweat city.

Apparently people in this department are idiots. The letter I was sent said the scan was scheduled for 1.10pm. When I confirmed the appointment, they said arrive an hour (approx midday) before to do the prep for the scan. After being taken through the medical questionnaire (about metals, history, previous experiences, reactions, etc) and being allowed to change into scrubs, they then tell me the time I was given was for me to arrive not to be scanned at, so I’m a hour early. Of course, I can’t leave because where would I go? I can’t go and get a coffee or a snack because my bowels need to be empty for the scan. Stupid stupid stupid department!!

So, here I sit, waiting an hour before I can even start the prep. This is awful.

Gone 1.15pm and I’ve not even been given my prep yet. Already so bored and ready for this day to be over.

Listening to receptionist and they have a 300 patient waiting list. That equates to roughly a 5 to 7 week wait for a routine scan. Good lord.

There definately needs to be some improvement to Kleanprep, I’ve managed about 3/4 of it without much problem and have yet to need the bathroom. Although, my belly started going mental whilst they canullated me – took the nurse three attempts; the first didn’t capture and the second I bled all over the floor when she removed it from the “sodding vein”; both hurt an amazing amount compared to previous ones I’ve had placed. This was just about 2pm. I then sat back out in the waiting room and continued with the vile prep. Canulla is in an akward place on my left hand and hurts. Worried.

Scan was about half hour and was pretty painless. The placement of my canulla was on my left hand right by the knuckles (thank you bad veins) so when they attached me to the dye injection machine the strectch of the cord as I went into the machine moved my access and made it throb. That continued to be uncomfortable throughout the scan. They then added the bucaspan which made my guts slow right down and made me feel extremely uncomfortable; something you can’t really attend to whilst in a big magnet. Was terribly noisy and did alot of breathing throughout for good capture. I’m pretty sure I was asked to repeat things more than twice, so its possible some of my scan needed doing again. Just prolonged the agony.

Then when they added the dye through my hand I went cold. It feel completely unnatural and I could taste the dye, smell it (even though it was injected in my hand) and made me recoil. My eyes hurt and blurred for a few seconds and then we were back to the breathing exercises and noise. I felt sick whilst they did they very last section of scan was being done. Am hungry as hell, want my coffee and dinner.

Scan was from 2.30pm until 3.10pm.

Missed my painkillers at 11.30am today because of being nil by mouth so was feeling terribly rough by the time I got home, very grumpy and sore. All canulla sites and my blood test site were red and are going to bruise (They have all subsequently gone green and brown, painful to touch, bad nurses!).  Had a nice dinner out but had the unfortunate return of the bloat lead balloon in my belly so didn’t eat much. Belly was going crazy all night, groaning and churning. Lasted until 1.30am before needing the loo again – very loose. Then again at 7am – incredibly loose and very sore. Don’t think that is all of it though. Light and plain diet today. Really feeling the full effects of only 10mg of pred and just hoping this scan will show something.”

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