Day Two – Writing Process

Day Two – Writing Process

Every great writer has their own process! What’s the blogging process look like for you? Do you set aside time each week to write or do you wait until the inspiration hits? Do you finish a post in one night or use the week to perfect it? Do you edit your blogs or just hit publish?  Whatever it is you do, it’s unique to you and we want to learn about it.

Blogging for me depends on where I am.

I tend to find that I write best in a coffee shop, away from the distractions of home. It also helped that coffee is good and pastries are available!

This approach works well when I have deadlines looming for other places I tend to write for. Or if there is a specific event due to happen – an important appointment, an infusion, a milestone – I like to get some ideas down before I sit to write and publish. That way I can let the words flow around my notes, keeping an eye on what I specifically want to mention in a post.

I also make notes whist I’m out and about, when inspiration hits me. I use Evernote for this; I like its format and its transferability between my iPhone and iPad. I’ve been able to categorise my thoughts into different topics and themes, so helpful!

For posts that are just free flow, I tend to type and type as a way of venting my thoughts and feelings. Sometimes they have a point and a conclusion but most of the time it’s just to get them out of my head and onto paper. Now that I’m dealing with something new – my ileostomy – I find myself reverting back to using my blog more and more to catalog my challenges of living with an ostomy. So far it’s going well; I’m able to share my experiences – they are still relatively new as I’m only just coming up to three months post op – and look at ways to improve my fortunes. It also makes it much easier to deal with, in both a physical and mental way.


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