Day Twenty Six – “Care Page”

Day Twenty Six – “Care Page”

Time to use all your knowledge and experience as an HA! Create a “Care Page” for newly diagnosed patients. Pull together 5 of your own blogs that could help a newly diagnosed patient and include 5 external resources you find helpful. 

So, I went through my diagnosis in September 2011 so here are some of my stronger “not-everyone-will-go-through-this-but-it-struck-me-pretty-hard” emotional posts from that period.

Some good external resources for those who have been newly or recently diagnosed with IBD: – CCUK Publications – a complete downloadable list of all the publications and resources Crohn’s and Colitis UK have on different subject matters; from treatments and drugs to how to explain your illness to work and school. Very good information, constantly updated. and – specifically for those who have an ostomy – either colostomy or ileostomy – on how to deal with two big problems; blockages and keeping hydrated. Veganostomy is an amazing website to explore when it comes to preparing for surgery to create an ostomy, getting through recovery and products to try out. It is great, it really helped me, I read pretty much all of his posts during my build up to my ileostomy surgery! – I’ve followed Sara since I was diagnosed and I love how candid she is about her health issues. This is a tagged stream with posts about awareness, featuring videos and posts on lots of different topics but helping you become more informed about your condition. Love her to bits.

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