Day Twenty Nine – Congratulations


We all know Health Activists are awesome. Share three things you love about yourself, things you’re great at, or just want to share. Don’t undercut or signpost!

1. I get stuck in. Sometimes its pretty hard getting starting with a new project, especially if the process is quite unsure or difficult, or indeed once you get stuck into a rut of nothing occurring from it, but I do love a good challenge. This is true of this blog, of running my Brownies pack and setting up my crohns support group. All of them have taken alot of time and effort to get them to where I feel comfortable with, and the latter two are taking a continuous reassessment of the situation to make sure that it is the best it can be. I give my all.

2. I admit to my fear. It is very natural to feel scared or unsure of something, especially when it is new and unchartered territory – most of my health adventures have been the first time of doing something, and have fill my body and mind with some level of fear and ‘dread’. Even when it is something familiar and something you’ve experienced before, going back to that feeling of reoccurrence scares me. That the good feelings and being pain free has only lasted “THIS” long. It is scary knowing that you are once more going to be subject to more pain and more medications and more procedures. It is scary. The lack of control you have over your body at times. But I sometimes give into that. Because over time, it is much easier to accept your fate and your flaws and your ability to feel the fear, than resist it. Having some private time to contemplate how much of it is going to control you and what you can do to overcome it, battle against it, is something I do from time to time.

3. I used to poo poo on complimentary therapies to help me with my Crohn’s symptoms. As my symptoms have gone up and down in the last couple months, especially the joint and back pain has increases so much I’m taking painkillers almost every day, I decided to investigate other therapies to help. I admit, I was a skeptic to begin with, and I shall share my experiences as I go forward.


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