Day Twenty Four – Health Focus Images

hawmc-nov-2016-graphicChoose 3 images that represent your health focus.  Share the images in a post and explain why you chose each of them.


It might be an unwinnable battle but I would love to be without these medications to help me through the day. Since my ostomy surgery, I don’t take painkillers or any regular medications, except for having my Vedolizumab at the hospital. Moving towards becoming less dependent on medication is going to be my goal and challenge for 2017. Lets see if my body can tolerate it.



I put makeup on. I do my hair. I dress well. I don’t particularly look sick anymore. Not even when my ostomy bag is full and is bulging abit from my waistband… you wouldn’t know what I have. I don’t have any physical signs of my illness. My scars are private and cover all of the time. And I’m not healthy! I have an incurable and chronic illness. I just happen to be at my best today, when you see me. Get to know me and give it a couple months, you’ll soon see.



Thinking positivity. Because what else can you do? You can’t let the doom and gloom get to you. You’ve got to see if you can find the silver lining. I admit, it isn’t easy and it isn’t always clear or a happy journey. But you know what? You’ve survived what’s come before you and you’re still here. I’m sure you can get through this; whatever ‘this’ is. I believe in you.

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