Day Twenty Five – Learning


Share something you learned from another Health Activist (that everyone should know!). Share something you’d like to teach other Health Activists.

Since almost the start of my Crohnie journey, I’ve followed the lovely Sara Ringer’s blog. It has always be there to help to me find hope when I needed it. She writes with such honesty and passion, I adore her for all those words she write, because they have helped me in ways she does not know. I’ve read almost everything she’s posted, and lately she’s been stuck. Like some, she finds it hard to “update” people on her current condition because it doesn’t feel as worthy as what she once went through (she hasn’t said these words, I’m just surmising here). But it is all important, or at least it should be. She states at the end of this post:

“… I owe it to all of you to let you know that I struggle too.”

It is reassuring to know that despite how many people tell you to ‘keep your chin up’ and ‘the good luck is just around the corner’, IBD is a terrible struggle waiting for those good moments to happen to you. Sara keeps it “real” (so passe and overused, but oh so right here) and let you know that even she struggles. She is my Crohnie hero, and knowing she struggles make me feel more at ease knowing that struggling is okay.

Follow Sara on Twitter and her blog: Inflamed and Untamed.



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