Day Thirteen – Great News This Week?

hawmc-nov-2016-graphicWhat’s the best thing that happened to you this week? Maybe you got great news or maybe ice cream was on sale- write about it and relive it! 

t’s always nice to meet someone who is years into the journey you’ve just started. It’s reassuring to know that things do continue to keep getting better and it isn’t something that holds you back.
I went to the JobCentre this week to discuss my return to work options. I was made redundant back in February this year, as I went to a flare up that ended up in two surgeries, four admissions and the removal of my colon. I’m currently waiting to see my surgeron so he can discharge me from his care. I’m almost three months post op and never felt better.
The outcome of the appointment with a Work Coach was that I need not rush. I can keep recieveing my benefit until I am fit for work and it is my surgeron who does that. The woman interviewing me also reveals she has an ileostomy and knows how difficult these first six months or so are, how frustrating I am with my body and mind not being ready to go to work at the same time. So she added notes to my file to state my current circumstances and to reassess the situation once I’ve had my appointment with my surgeron. Result.
Less pressure on getting better faster than maybe my body will let me. Less fear over actually returning to a routine and more physical acitivities when my ostomy is still some what unpredictable and having minor issues. I’ve learnt these past couple weeks that my confidence can definitely take a knock when things go ‘wrong’ and create new situations I have to deal with, face on.

Other good news? I found out I’m getting a niece; my brother is having a baby girl with his girlfriend. Finally some a good outcome from 2016!


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