Day Nineteen – Tough Days

Day Nineteen – Tough Days

Everyone has tough days, but how do you pull yourself out of the rut? Maybe you blog, repeat affirmations or listen to a favorite playlist. Write about what tools, tips or practices you use to lift your spirits after a rough patch

I admit, I’ve not had many tough days recently. And in the depths of my depression between my two surgeries when things were completely shit and going nowhere, I did nothing to make myself feel better; I just succumbed to feeling blue.

But realisitically, I know that tough days will come to me, and when they do I need to be proactive, at a time when all I want to do is probably hide. So here are my go-to “pulling myself out of a rut” tips:

  • Blog. Then blog some more. Even if you don’t publish it, its there in the drafts to help you remember. I find I forget my last low point, but having it written down and verbalised in my writing, helps me remember that this is normal and I will get through it.
  • Music. I find that the playlists that Apple Music likes to give me every morning has something to cheer me up. Taking me back to being a teenager, reminding me of times when I was younger and naïve. Pre Crohn’s music. Year abroad memories. Break ups, highs and lows of my post university life. It just reminds me that being low is temporary.
  • I try and remember my strengths, focus on them, moving away from my weaknesses. I write them down and repeat them to myself. It is easy to slip into feeling negitve about yourself when you already feel low. Getting out of that by seeing all the good you are helps trememdously.
  • Going for a walk. Getting out fo the house, walking and being outside helps me a lot. I always poo-poo-ed the idea when my parents would say it would help because I liked being at home, alone, inside with myself. But after my first surgery, walking was key – so I grew to love going out for my daily walk. I’ve kept it up, knowing how much better I feel, how free being outside and in the air, seeing things, exploring wakes my mind up.
  • Taking time. There is no need to rush getting out of a rut. They happen. And sometimes they are needed. Taking a break from things can help. So don’t push yourself or put pressure on yourself to get better. Obviously, if its been weeks and you feel worse or experience no improvement, please see a doctor.
  • Improvise. These are just my own personal tips, but I only found them out from recommendeations and trying things. Some things will work better than others. Just try and find out what you like.

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