Day Nine – Happy Hump Day!

hawmc-nov-2016-graphicHappy Hump Day! No denying life can get hectic, but let’s take a mid-week break to fantasize our ideal day! Would you go somewhere? Who would you spend it with? Have you had this day? If not – how could you make it happen? 

I haven’t experienced my ideal day, as of yet! But this, this is what it would be:

I’d be on a beach, cold drink in my hand. Right now, I’m obsessed and craving fresh fruit, so that has to come into it. Plus food, lots of my favourite foods. I’d just want to be relaxed, it’s not very often I get to relax; it’s not fear from my illness taking over and making me feel ill and unwell, it would now be my bag making life difficult. But time has passed now and things are getting much easier, so much so that I think I could cope with most things it could throw my way, outside of my current comfort zone.

Achieving this ideal day; would mean saving and planning. Some thing that is getting easier but is along way off still. But I can keep dreaming and aspiring to that can’t I?



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