Day Eleven – Favourites


 Write about your favorite social network. Do you love Twitter? Facebook? Pinterest? Why?

By far, Twitter is the place I enjoy spending time on. Its 140 character limit provides me with the perfect way to share nuggets of information with people. It links into this blog and shares my longer thoughts and rants with anyone who cares to take the time to read. It helps me connect with fellow Crohnies, both in the UK and abroad. It has been wonderful.

I first joined Twitter when I was studying on my year abroad in 2009 and it was filled with the entertaining parts of my student life. Then I graduated, got a job after being unemployed for a summer and Twitter became about my work experiences. Then.. then I got really sick. I went offline and shut down. I didn’t communicate at all, let alone on a social media site. I didn’t know or even see how, people would share things about their condition. But, that’s the funny thing, people did, and people do. Lots of people. And with humour and sarcasm. That sold it to me right away.

I came back online 3 months after my diagnosis when my blogging was in full swing. When I was finding my bearing with taking Humira and returning to work. It’s grown so much since then and I’ve always got something to say. It might not be interesting all the time, nor might it be very positive at times, but it helps me get those thoughts and feelings onto “paper” and out of my head. It helps me document my emotions, especially recently with Pred and its wonderful side effects. It is another insight into how my daily life as a Crohnie goes on and on and soon its been another month in the life and its easier to see how I’m managing.



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