It’s finally time..

.. to raise some funds and some eyebrows.

I’ve always been abit confused as to why people fundraised for charities. Alot of people did it whilst I was at school and university and I was always too busy with studying to get down and into it.

As with everything else in my life, Crohn’s has changed many aspects of it and has forced me to change my ways in so many respects. For the past year, as I battled my way into remission and subsequently out of it in the New Year, I became restless. I needed something new to do. I set up my local CCUK group and dedicated myself to running my Brownie pack. And whilst both of those are now ticking over, I find myself itching for a new challenge.

Crohn’s will do this to you, it will make you weirdly lust over doing things. I compare it to Wanderlust:

1. A very strong or irresistible impulse to travel.

Only without the travelling (unless that is your bag, of course). I’m in the position where I am able to dedicate some significant time to other projects in my life outside of my working life, so I found myself sat on my bedroom floor last night signing myself and my wonderful boyfriend up for a 17 mile cycling challenging in Leicestershire’s Rutland Water Nature Reserve in early May.

So why fundraise for that exactly?

Well, for one, it’s for Crohn’s and Colitis UK. Secondly, it’s a CCUK run event, by and for IBD sufferers and their families and friends. Thirdly, it is not running or walking, it is cycling; something I’m not too shabby at and was the selling point for the cycling fan that my boyfriend is. It means we can ‘train’ together before hand and I could make up lots of silly puns and jokes about my sore arse and a bike saddle. Plus, it’s the low level fundraising my mother would approve of – I’m slowly building up to doing a skydive or a bungee jump; they are something she has a big problem with.

So, here is my pledge, £500 before the end of April. If you see this post, please know that I suffer with my Crohn’s every day and I am pretty sure that my butt won’t let me have it easy on May 5th. I’ve got alot of things to get through, Crohn’s wise, before then, and I would be so extremely ecstatic if I could raise this money for the charity that has already provides me and every IBD patient with so much. What they need is money, plain and simple, to help research and fund projects associated with the wide spectrum that is IBD. So please, dig deep and sponsor me. I promise hilarity will ensure – it’s me, it is bound to happen – and plenty of updates!

Or text “LHNT88” and “£2” to 70070 to donate! (UK only, I’m afraid!)

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