The Plan

The Plan

So, my last lot of drugs really didn’t work.

The steroids I was taking with my Pentasa didn’t exactly have a good time together, the last couple days. In fact, everything went down hill in a matter of 36 hrs – just the time before my first out patient clinic appointment. One look at me, a description of my symptoms, my new weight loss and terrible lack of life in me; lead the consultant to re admit me almost immediately. Hours later, back in the same bed on the same ward as 10 days previously.

Now, the plan is being formed. A new one. A hopefully sparkly awesome one. Yes, it involved a full colonoscopy (oh, what frigging joys that will be), an ultrasound of my liver and MRI of my small bowel before discussion of how extensive my disease actual is now (because a re admission so soon after discharge is a VERY bad sign) and where we go from there – with drug treatment, especially steroids. The possibilities for my Crohn’s medication stays as Pentasa until decided otherwise (good, just got used to taking those bastards twice a day).

Maybe now – in a slightly harsh sounding way – they might take me more seriously and not rush me out of the hospital. But, we were both at fault before, in hindsight (oh, you wonderful thing, you!). I just want some more good days after tests and then for them to carry on after going home.

Work, friends, going out, clothes and money can come WAAAYYY behind everything else. But my emotions about certain topics or certain events that have transpired (or lack therefore of) won’t be forgotten in a hurry, no way.


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