Swings and Round-of-sorts.

Swings and Round-of-sorts.

So, today I stood in the kitchen taking Pred and Mesalazine as if it was the most ordinary thing in the world. To me, it pretty much is now; I’ve been on Pred for just over a month and moved down to the second day of my 15 mg dose. The Mesalazine has been going on for 10 days now. Both are doing something to my gut because lately I’ve been constipated more than ever since my Crohn’s started.
And the side effects of these wonderful little chemical doesn’t stop there.

When I was on the Pred last time I was pretty sick. I had Pred as an IV and then as tablets. I was always on a 10 week course and got half way through before problems would occur and I’d be admitted again. In those times, I had no idea how to manage a flare up nor even what were my symptomatic signs of a flare up getting worse, or the side effects and bad bad times they would cause. I am now wiser and older. But I am still naive in some respects. I expected the same side effects and prepared myself for the overeating, the insomnia and mood swings. Some of that has happened but not at all to the same extend as I thought it would. This time around I’ve gotten hunger pains that stop me from eating and I am experiencing awful sweats. Not at night like I did when I was flaring, but whilst at work or just walking to town or around the house. At home I live in loose fitting sweat pants and a sleeveless top, despite the cold March weather. At work; it is 10x worse because of all the running around, general bodies around and the heat the equipment spits out. I go into work with a face full of redness, a wet brow and it doesn’t even attempt to relieve itself until I leave the premises at the end of a shift. It is really getting annoying; and ironically, getting worse as the Pred drops.

The Mesalzaine continues and it has been giving me painful acid reflex so much that it wakes me up at night. I eat, and it’s even worse. I try drinking and I can feel everything in my stomach and the noise it makes is super embarrassing. I’ve never had this much of a grumbling gut, not even on liquid diet or doing the cleanse for my Colonoscopy. It is most troubling. I thought it was just the food I’d been eating so I modified my diet, but to no relief. I think I will be in need of some medication or investigation as to why this is happening.

And if that wasn’t unlucky enough, I’ve been feeling quite sprightly in myself of late, and my dad noticed it and commented on it this morning. Since lunchtime, I’ve had back and joint pains. Oh. Wonderful!
This might be coming at the right time – an ideal catch 22 if there was ever one – as I am due a review of my joints and the pains I’ve been experiencing at my GP practice on Monday night. Maybe, the issues there can be dealt with finally.


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