It was about a month ago that a friend posted a tweet about her nicknamed guts.

It was the weekend before my 6 months anniversary and I thought this was a fantastic idea. It would pretty funny, no?

So me and one of my closest friends had a lengthy discussion one night about a name for my guts. We tried to pick a name which wasn’t so great, because I would no doubt end up cursing her at some point. And not something too cute either, nicknaming guts isn’t exactly pretty. We needed a name that I liked enough to use, something I could shorten if needed and one that made me smile. We settled on Bernadette. I admit, I picked this because of the character in The Big Bang Theory. Like her, I am tiny. I am also impossibly loud when needed / provoked. This is exactly what my guts are like. Angry when provoked.

So for the last month or so I’ve been talking about Bernie. Its my guts. Example?

“Off to work and Bernie is kicking up a shit storm. Laaavely.”

Its even cuter when people ask me about her, like she’s a really person:

“Are you and Bernie okay this morning?”

“How’s Bernie treating you today?”

I love my friends and family.

Yes, okay, it might be abit weird and odd to name some invisible condition, but at the end of the day it helps me cope. Giving my stupid stupid guts a name helps me identify her. She’s not so invisible. I did the same with my depression too; she’s called Daphne (sadly, I can’t even remember why I called her that..woops!) and she’s not awesome at all. She’s a pain in the butt. Examples?

“Daphne’s been hanging around for the last couple days and I can’t seem to shift her slaggy self away from me. So I’ve invited her to stay..”

“I hope ol’ Daph doesn’t pipe up on Saturday night. That would be most annoying”

As my therapist pointed out, humour is my coping mechanism. And these things make me chuckle. Alot. Most days. Admittedly, some nights I wish I didn’t have such a rapport with these two ladies, or I wish they were more awesome than they actually are at present. But today, Saturday, they are at bay. They are controlled, and they are silent today. Good. For the next couple days they need to be just that.

What I hope my blog aims to achieve is sharing my life – both CD and non CD – with you guys. And for anyone reading it, they should know that I celebrate small tiny things as well as the huge ones. Because I believe small victories help the bigger ones feel bigger, and they take away some of the pain of the bad ones. And if I can’t share my life – warts, guts, butts and all – with you guys, how will anyone ever know what Crohn’s disease is like? Despite it being very individual, I think we all go through similar issues and struggles. And I write. I write alot.

This is my favourite quirk at the moment (Is it odd that I have a favourite?! Really?!)

“I love it when someone else’s stomach competes with my own gurgling game. ENTER FEDERER..!”