So, after much festive munchies yesterday – including a massive Christmas lunch, second breakfast and second lunch – I went to bed with mild Crohn’s symptoms last night. Waking up today at 7am wasn’t hard – been up for a hour or so with miserable gut ache – but feeling ‘happy’ and ‘perky’ (much like I have been feeling for the last two ish weeks) wasn’t easy. Grr, grr grr, ugh, pshh.

Being my first big holiday with this disease, I really didn’t know what was going to happen or how my body was going to react to all the rich food and alcohol. So, the plan was ‘slow and steady’ – like it has been for the past five weeks, post discharge – and it was working out well. But now, Boxing Day, it feels like I need a bland day of food. Limited ‘big roast’ components. Nothing fizzy. Small and often meals. The usual.

I know that this ^^ isn’t much to complain about and I really feel okay in my general health (compared to my family, who all have colds / coughs, I am the most ‘normal’ and ‘healthy’ one.. for a change!) , it could be much much worst. I could have reacted horribly to all the food and I could be feeling so very foul today. It is mostly the gurgling in my gut and pressure on my bladder that is an annoyance today. A small price really, in the bigger picture.

And with that; time for a snack 😉