Oh my sore arse. Thanks Pred.

Oh my sore arse. Thanks Pred.

I’m now deep into the second week of Prednisolone. It is a monster.


Pred is an IBD basic.
Corticosteroids are used to treat any and all inflammation of the digestive tract. They are usually oral tablets, as shown above, and are used a long term course of treatment in early stages of IBD diagnosis and in the start of and / or mist of a flare up. They override the natural system of cortical hormones your body creates in your adrenal gland. The treatment course is set out my GI and / or IBD nurse and patient. Typically, they last between 2 and 3 months, with the dose being dropped after a week or two each time by a tablet of 5mg.

At my worst, I was on 50mg of Pred when I first started Humira. That course dropped by 10mg every week and I felt awful without it. The side effects and withdrawal from steroids really hurt my body and mind. I ended up with terrible insomnia and thus an awful attitude problem and mental readjustment when I started back at work. I suffered quite badly from memory loss and general confusion.

This time around, the steroids were a shock. I wasn’t expecting to be put on them – as I’d just under gone an annual colonoscopy without discovery of anything new or nasty in my colon. Yet, there I was, in constant agony, in my joints and in my bathroom habits… I was just glad of something to take away the pain. I also started my 6mp but that soon showed itself to be an ugly and nasty drug in my system. So, I’m stuck on Pred alone, until I am seen in clinic next week. To say this is going to be a long week is a very big understatement.

Alongside that, the pain I’ve been having has resulted in a permanent sore butt. I eat – I am not afraid to, even though everything is hurting coming out of me – and I spent most of a night (along with my Pred insomnia) just listening to my guts cooking up a storm; gurgling away like crazy, squeezing and pulling my food through my small bowel to finally let it go, quite quickly through my large. It is awful, the amount of times I am needed to go and void my bowels. It is fast, frequent, stings and itches. I try my best to distract my mind from the pain and discomfort. But, as I get up to go to do something else, I am reminded of the uncomfortable sting in my butt.

It is the simple things, the simple pleasures; I dare to add here, of just having a normal bottom that is most frustrating at the moment. It is time and mentally consuming. And despite knowing I need to just be care free and laugh about it, I worry alot about it. I worry about the long term effects of these steroids, or what I will be put on next, and their own little batch of side effects and symptoms, the pain in my butt cheeks, the friction it causes between me and my boyfriend, the strain my disease and unwell period is having on our relationship as a whole, and how unattractive my problems must be to him. I am full of self doubt. And I feel depressed.

Thanks Pred. Always a fun good time when you’re in town.

Yours, Louise’s Body.


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  1. crohniques
    February 20, 2013 / 10:47 am

    Hey there Louise, we have so much in common on top of Crohn’s!
    I understand the feeling, I hated it back when I was on steroids… Good luck with them. Love your blog!
    Take care fellow crohnie

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