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imageSince I last posted I had a horrible blood test done, after I trekked to the hospital and spoke, face to face, with my IBD nurse about my joints an awful Crohn’s symptoms. I had battled with work and the rest of my life up until Thursday and finally it got too much. She needed to see the pain I was in. Not that I don’t trust her, nor do I disregard the care she can give over the phone; but I was almost at the end of my very long tether.

So, after six pokes with a needle my blood was sent off for tests: Rheumatoid Factor, Antibodies and LFT alongside the usual mix on a Crohnies blood form. All have come back raised. To combat this, my IBD nurse armed me with a new script for Mercaptopurine – to start IMMEDIATELY, but that is a little story in itself – and a ten week course of the lovely Prednisolone. Yay, my favourite wonder drug to give me a puffy moon face was back!


Mercaptopurine is used to treat primarily Leukaemia patients through chemotherapy. It used in Crohn’s Disease maintenance, as a sister drug to Azathioprine. It is also called 6mp and has had a long standing positive outcome for patients who fail to maintain remission or even start it with steroid treatment.


This is the new Crohn’s regime for the next two months. Five lots of 5mg tablets of Pred (equalling 25mg) and a half tablet (25mg in total) of Mercap. The steroids get weaned down after 14 days by 5mgs but the Mercap doubles after 14 days to 50mg. This along with two Adcal (calcium tablets, to prevent more joint and future bone troubles) is my daily on slaughter against the battle in my gut.

I had an absolute arse ache of a time getting a Mercaptopurine script filled and finally got my GP’s pharmacy to fill it and write a repeat. That being said, I started my steroids and Mercap on Friday evening. Hardly slept Friday night and by Saturday morning when I was due at work I felt so unbelievably nauseous. I couldn’t eat. I was drinking lots of water to make sure I didn’t faint or worse, have a massive Crohn’s attack whilst there, and totted (literally) off home that afternoon. I came up to my bed for a nap, instantly slept once my head hit the pillow and woke up an hour later shivering. I could hardly move and when I did, stabbing pains all in my back and chest. I was scared shitless. Was this a side effect of the medications – seen as I couldn’t tell which was causing it, what was I going to do? I was due to go to Cadbury World the next day… I couldn’t leave it to sort itself – I got taken to the local community hospital and was diagnosed with Gastritis. More tablets! More fun! The Mercaptopurine had to be stopped until I could get an answer from my GI. Finally, today, I have my answer.

It is all normal. My bloods are raised – especially my LFT but that has been raised for almost 9 weeks now – but I need the Mercaptopurine, or else I risk more flare ups and a possible admission. I do not want that, I am busy and I want to continue to fight fight FIGHT this disease all the way.