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I look very happy don’t I?

Tuesday I spent the day in the Day Hospital at Good Hope having my Iron Infusion done.

It’s a pretty simple procedure for treatment. They take obs and then insert an IV into your vein – usually on the hand or the forearm – and flush it. Then they administer a 15 minute test cycle of the Iron infusion; from a 500ml bag of Sodium Chloride 0.9% with added 825mg Cosmofer. This went well, and after a second round of obs, I was given the rest of the bag over a 4 hour period. Sadly, my small veins are not just a problem when I’m sick and dehydrated, it’s always going to be a problem. My bag took just under 5 hrs. I felt abit tired and dizzy during the treatment, but was able to go home that afternoon and told to rest. The side effects would last a couple days – headaches, dizziness and fatigue.

I’ve had all three. And I’ve gone to work. Did a short shift on Wednesday and I had my usual achy joints, but yesterday, I went completely and utterly horrible; nausea and faint. I was sent home. And then my Crohn’s flares last night – either through stress or just the treatment. I’m treading careful today – got my last shift at work before going off on holiday tomorrow. I need to get through this shift. Please, I just need to be okay. I don’t think I can take more illness, and definitely no more feeling run down and completely useless. I am pushing hard to get through it, and maybe that will be okay, but maybe it will hinder me. It will force me to do something, or it would force some thing to do something to me. Either way, it’s not good.

It’s been a sucky week for me. I’ve had no energy and no real reason to continue with my day to day routine. Being at work isn’t helping but I don’t think a break will help. In fact, some days, I just got to work to see people and cheer myself up. But of late, nothing seems to be working. I am hoping my weekend of fun that I’ve planned with my Canadian visitors will help me. But.. knowing my limitations, I musn’t push too hard.