High Five Friday – February 26th

So another week, another High Five Friday..!

This week I’ve been trying to find answers. To many, many things.

I’ve been job hunting ; so much fun *sarcasm*

I’ve been to see my consultant and finally decided on pursuing surgery once my scope happens in two weeks.

I’ve been trying to keep my mind occupied from thinking too much about being unemployed for much longer, what surgery is going to be like, why my steroids are giving me more pain than happiness and what I want to do with my chronic life.Β 

So I guess I’ve been soul searching. And its given me a headache that took four days to go away. I think some of this is from my up and down days with Pred, as well as my steroid induced insomnia and dehydration but mostly because I am contemplating what I want to do – REALLY DO – once I’ve recovered from surgery.

Yes, I am thinking THAT far ahead. Its hard not to when you’re off work… blergh.

I’ve no answer for that big question yet but I am still searching.

Here is some happiness I’ve found this week:

HHF collage 23.02
I’ve enjoyed pancakes, blogging in my favourite coffee shop, listening to John Mayer live and Scrubs!


Until next week…



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