It is always great to see a social media campaign get a startling, yet thoroughly deserved coverage and support sorely needed for IBD.

Campaigns for IBD here in the UK haven’t always kicked off the way those behind or supporting it have wanted. There is some professional jealousy, as to why IBD still does hasn’t achieved the publicity and awareness it is currently lacking. This campaign though, #GetYourBellyOut follows in the footsteps of Cancer Research’s #NoMakeUpSelfie from March 2014 – in which females posted make up free pictures of themselves and nominated female friends to join in spreading awareness of cancer.

Sahara Fleetwood-Beresford started #GetYourBellyOut to “try and raise awareness of something much more personal to me and altogether more suitable for raising awareness of severe health conditions.”

Crohn’s and Colitis UK have featured her as a Guest Blogger on their national site speaking about the campaign and how to get involved – – as well as VBlogger Thalia Skye –


Our bellies are the place where our most persistent symptoms reside. They are where we are cut and healed from the pain. It is where we bear scars and bags. It is where our disease lives, it is where we consider most of our problems to be coming from. It is also the most visible aspect of the digestive system of which everyone can relate to. We all have one; ours are just inflamed, scarred and ulcerated; invisible to everyone.  No two are alike. This individuality is what ultimately brings us together, within our IBD community.

I thoroughly like this campaign. It is real and honest and it is something we don’t always show off. But because of the cause we are aiming to raise awareness for, it makes you feel proud, in some unexplainable yet defining way. Long may this campaign go forward and long may the donations continue, along with all the belly “faces” of IBD.



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