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Ah, the beloved Iron Infusion.

It was in fact June 12th, a little over a month ago. The effects of this – if any – were short lived. If anything I feel more tired and unlike myself in this period of healthy Crohn’s than at any other time. I’ve been unable to concentrate less and less as the time goes on and I’m constantly achy and drowsy. Gut wise, I’m running fine, but I can feel something is not quite right and it is frustrating and upsetting me.

Several Crohnies have suggested that it is time that I built a better relationship with my GP and reduce my dependency on the Gastro team and my GI at Good Hope. Good idea, I said and booked an appointment with the doctor that is CC’d into all my hospital letters: August 3rd.

Another Crohnie suggested something called Feroglobin – a liquid and capsule iron supplement – to help my anemia through without the need for medical intervention. Also, Vitamin C to boost my reduced immune system thanks to Humira. These two things could help me in the short to medium term, available without prescription and readily accessible.

So here is my proposal, take these two medications twice a day until I see the GP in 12 days time. Track its progress and the side effects – if any – felt. This should be able to give me a better indications as to how well these ‘treatment’ is helping and whether or not I can push for more tests;  those of which would be at least another iron infusion over the summer and maybe a MRI to do a check of my bowels.

I must add here that I am apprehensive. A apprehensive Crohnie when it comes to over the counter medications? Nonsense! But I have always gone without unnecessary intervention and additional medication to help control any medical problem I might have. Especially with my Crohns – it is difficult to find any pain relief that isn’t aspirin or ibuprofen based or anything that doesn’t interact with my Humira – it’s best to just ride the pain out; another part of the daily struggle.

Sadly, it has been too much of late and its been affecting other parts of my life and body too. My bones and muscles ache constantly and find myself fighting naps. This week alone I’ve napped more than I have done than in all the months since going back to work in January. I’ve lost concentration and interest in things outside of my ‘must do this today’ efforts and I’m becoming overwhelmed by my emotions. Surely, all of this can not just because I’m “doing too much”, now can it? That can no longer warrant this being pass off for yet another time, another place..?