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High Five Friday – March 25th

This week, ugh. I’ve been house bound AGAIN because of a bad cold. I’ve also given it to my boyfriend and its typically fallen on his holiday week off. It’s been one of those weeks were nothing actually happens and you’re on tenterhooks, waiting for something good to come along to break it all up abit. I’m feeling incredibly anxious about going…


High Five Friday – March 18th

It’s been a week of being practically house bound. I haven’t been feeling very well – I’ve been struggling to get rid of a persistent cough I caught in hospital last week and with my period which is causing its usual IBD havoc – but when I have been “well”, its only been for a couple hours at the most.…


High Five Friday – March 11th

Been a rough one. One scope. One day prep. Two days recovery. One funeral.  The difference of 48 hours: Amazing how different you can look, admittedly with some help from make up. It’s been a week when I’ve been mostly house bound because of my health. I have finally managed to apply for ESA. I feel guilty for this. Its…


High Five Friday – March 4th

I’ve had a pretty decent week. I’ve had more good days than bad days; which is a nice change. I am due to reduce my Pred down to 10mg tomorrow and also start my diet for my colonoscopy prep. Glad its come around; I’m pretty anxious to get some results in and get moving on with the next stage of…



March 2016: Colonoscopy – March 8th END OF CURRENT RUN OF STEROIDS! OT meeting – March 14th CCUK South Staffs Coffee Afternoon – March 19th Possibly surgical consult?


High Five Friday – February 26th

So another week, another High Five Friday..! This week I’ve been trying to find answers. To many, many things. I’ve been job hunting ; so much fun *sarcasm* I’ve been to see my consultant and finally decided on pursuing surgery once my scope happens in two weeks. I’ve been trying to keep my mind occupied from thinking too much about…


High Five Friday – February 19th

I’ve found the silver lining to taking steroids! Reducing my 2016 reading list!  I’ve been waking up at 4am because my body seems to think just over four hours of sleep is plenty and why not read a good book? So currently I’ve gotten through two more books since the weekend. Oh, and this really made me chuckle: Gotta laugh…


High Five Friday – February 12th

This week has been troublesome. I’m sure as things settle down and get sorted out, I’ll be able to speak about it but until then, this sums up my week:  


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