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October 2017

Well, October was unexpectedly manic, health wise. I always go into a new month hoping for the best. Hope that this is the month that things get settled down and I start to feel better, day on day. And for the most part, that has been the case with my IBD and my ostomy. The taking of the steroids and having the Vedolizumab back in my life has helped a great deal to calm the internal storm that was raging in my bowels. Gone was the pain, gone was the cramping and the discomfort and the utter disbelief that this…


September 2017

September was an improvement on August, for sure. I did spent the first week of the month in hospital, getting my flare up under control, addressing my obstruction and getting my medication sorted. I received my first dose of the third restart of my biological treatment – Vedolizumab – as an inpatient and that was the beginning of this new chapter. Going forward, I’ve been able to control my pain better with some stronger painkillers, found some more appetite with my steroids and I’ve been able to fight. I’ve got so many new appointments lined up with my new hospital…


August 2017

Boy oh boy, August, you have been hellish. I had planned on having some annual leave and spending some time back home in the Midlands, but my body had other ideas. It started in Mid-July as just some uncomfortable abdominal pan after eating so I didn’t think it was too serious; I altered my diet and drank more fluids, took it easier. But it did not let up, not at all. I had to seek some medical attention: which was hard when youre in the middle of transferring your IBD care from one hospital to another. I had several admissions,…


June 2017

June. What an exciting month! The good work of last month continues: the work is going well and I’m working hard despite my teething problems and struggles. Living alone is challenging but I am enjoying finding out what I can do and how I feel about myself, on my own.  I’ve receive some great and wonderful advice about working and my life with an ostomy: Just let it happen.  It seems like something so simple but it is definitely hard for me to do, and this month has been no exception. I’ve fought off two bouts of dehydration and one…


May 2017

May. Well, it’s only gone and flown by. I moved for my job at the start on the month. That was a stressful and emotional upheaval of many things but considering how weepy I did get when I left for university and then when I moved to Canada, this was good. It felt good because I knew I was coming somewhere to put down roots. I was excited and anticipating great things to happen here. It has been a good month of learning so many new things for job role, navigating a new city, exploring my own limits and strengths…


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