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April 2018

April; a new year Whenever we get to April, I always find myself more excited for a new year than in January. I turned 30th this month and whilst it was quite affair, I’ve spent some time since thinking. Like, really thinking. Thinking hard about what I want to do and what I want to achieve. Which has meant lots of plans have been made; some viable and some not so. But this has meant that I’ve been working on what is actually achievable and how I go about achieve said ambitions and goals. More of this will come out…


March 2018

 March was the month of making plans. This month has had quite abit of unexpected sickness and new issues to contend with. I started #bujo for the first time and found the whole process of making layouts, getting organised and the sense of achievement very rewarding and fulfilling. It’s been a great way of tracking lots of things every day and it’s definitely been of a benefit, so it continues. I had blood taken almost every week of this month; for different things – a possible IBD flare up, liver blood work following my infusion and then a huge amount…


February 2018

Well, February was quite a tough one. As previously mentioned, I suffered an anxiety attack at the end of January which meant I was signed off from work for a while. A while turned out to be three weeks and now, at the end of the month; I have only just gotten back into the pattern of working again with a phased return. What I have been doing with my ‘time off’ is making space for me. I’ve been practicing a lot of self-care so that I look after myself as well as reaching out and communicating with those around…


January 2018

January did start with a positive note: I met with my Dermatologist and I started a treatment plan for what he was diagnosing as late onset acne as a reaction to my Vedolizumab. I opted for a antibiotic topic cream which I’ve got to apply twice a day and it’s been almost a month and my skin has dramatically improved. I find that if I forget an application –  its happened once or twice, I am human and fatigued – the skin react, gets greasy and is one step away from spots. So, it’s deinfaly been a game changer. In…


December 2017

It seems these months just creep up on us and come and go so quickly; already the end of December! This month has been busy. I’ve had my fourth Vedolizumab which was in my Christmas annual leave from work. I also had my next dose of Vitamin B12 which I knew I was struggling to get to. Both these happened within 36 hrs of each other and it took me a while to compensate from their after effects. Weird that both my Crohn’s medication and my B12 injection bring out more fatigue huh? But, they are keeping me trucking along.…


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