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August 2018

August; you still hate me   Every August seems to be my most dreadful of all the months. Without fail, this happens. And this year, whilst avoid an admission, I’ve still had to battle through. Stoma wise; despite gaining some weight – some, ha! – my stoma has been really settled. Except for a few days in the middle of the month, I’ve  had a regular change and everything looks and feels okay. Making sure I have enough products has never been my weakness, I am always well stocked up; but making sure everything is used correctly and for the…


August Goals

Last month I decide to dedicate my bullet journal to organise my blogging and my daily tasks and appointments. I was loosing alot of time, trying to remember what I was meant to be doing, what I wanted to do and I always forgot something. So, July, I took control. And it worked really well! My habit tracker was the best tool for me, as I could track my medications, my water intake, sleep and my IBD symptoms. What is nice, looking back on it now, is that I see patterns emerging. Which has stoked a fire in me to…


July 2018

July; keep on keeping’ on July seems to have been long but also short at the same time? WHERE IS ALL THE YEAR GOING? Despite that, it’s been a good’un. Stoma wise; despite the hot weather, I’ve managed to maintain good peristomal skin and managed to keep my abdominal area free from issues. I had a small rash on the edge of my flange when I used an extender as an emergency during the very hottest weather, but that settled down with discontinuation and getting my template sorted. I tell you, the correct template for your bag works wonders. In…


June 2018

June; all of the ACHES June has seemed to just disappear hasn’t it? I can’t remember much of what I’ve done, it feels like nothing happened, but of course, that’s not the case. Stoma wise; with all the humid weather we’ve had, it’s meant that my bags aren’t lasting my full 48 hours as normal. This is partly due to the weather making me sweat and my bag just feeling uncomfortable after about a day, and it also is in part due to the fact that I’ve been keeping myself well hydrated, resulting in more output, thus more empties and…


May 2018

May; The bringer of PAIN May has always been a troublesome month for me. In the past; I’ve had surgery in this month, felt the worst pains in my IBD diagnosis and found working during those times very difficult. So May, has always been a low month. And this year was not exception. Stoma wise; Priscilla has largely been trouble-free this month. I’ve had a couple of leaks and had to alter my change routine timing and some product around to ensure my peristomal skin is getting better not worse. But overall, she has been well-behaved and allowed me to…


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