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January 2018

January did start with a positive note: I met with my Dermatologist and I started a treatment plan for what he was diagnosing as late onset acne as a reaction to my Vedolizumab. I opted for a antibiotic topic cream which I’ve got to apply twice a day and it’s been almost a month and my skin has dramatically improved. I find that if I forget an application –  its happened once or twice, I am human and fatigued – the skin react, gets greasy and is one step away from spots. So, it’s deinfaly been a game changer. In…


December 2017

It seems these months just creep up on us and come and go so quickly; already the end of December! This month has been busy. I’ve had my fourth Vedolizumab which was in my Christmas annual leave from work. I also had my next dose of Vitamin B12 which I knew I was struggling to get to. Both these happened within 36 hrs of each other and it took me a while to compensate from their after effects. Weird that both my Crohn’s medication and my B12 injection bring out more fatigue huh? But, they are keeping me trucking along.…


November 2017

October was one of those months where it became a blurry, busy mess. Well, November was even more of that. Three hospital appointments, two visits to the GP, ten days of annual leave and one day of sickness were the highlights. Sad isn’t it, when my health become a highlight, right?! Needless to say, you can read all about it here. In the days following those appointments, my treatments were tweaked. Not giving me the desired results – lots of more symptoms without any real improvement – so one was stopped and will be reassessed in another referral. But elsewhere,…


October 2017

Well, October was unexpectedly manic, health wise. I always go into a new month hoping for the best. Hope that this is the month that things get settled down and I start to feel better, day on day. And for the most part, that has been the case with my IBD and my ostomy. The taking of the steroids and having the Vedolizumab back in my life has helped a great deal to calm the internal storm that was raging in my bowels. Gone was the pain, gone was the cramping and the discomfort and the utter disbelief that this…


September 2017

September was an improvement on August, for sure. I did spent the first week of the month in hospital, getting my flare up under control, addressing my obstruction and getting my medication sorted. I received my first dose of the third restart of my biological treatment – Vedolizumab – as an inpatient and that was the beginning of this new chapter. Going forward, I’ve been able to control my pain better with some stronger painkillers, found some more appetite with my steroids and I’ve been able to fight. I’ve got so many new appointments lined up with my new hospital…


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