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January 2019

Low low Mood   Stoma wise; It’s been a month where body changes have contributed to my stoma changing too. When they say your stoma changes over time, I sort of thought, that it can’t be that much, it’ll be marginally but mine has changed a lot. In fact, so much so that I’ve moved up to the next cutting range on the bags I currently use. I’ve also experienced some bleeding from the edge due to me poorly assessing my size so my bag fits comfortably. This explains a few things that have been happening these last couple days…


January Goals

How did Decembers goals go? After the battle of November with my health, this leached into December somewhat. I ended up being signed off work and having to get my arse into gear and figure out how to control my pain better. I began a new regimen and found that after ten days it needed adjusting again, just as I returned to work. Alas, I conquered this and it soon controlled what we hoped for and back to work I went. I saw my GI and we confirmed my Vedolizumab is at present, controlling my IBD as well as expected. And…


December 2018

Anti Climax   Stoma wise; increase in some particular issues – such as watery output, green output and some blood. However, now under control and explainable by the new medications and questions about my ovarian cysts and semi blockages; they have only resulted in a couple of sore moments and increase in my usage. Luckily, I’ve been well prepared and covered over the festive period, just in case. And all be known, it was worth it – back to daily changes. Some of this is due to the lack of exercise and movement this month, culminating in festive consumption of…


December Goals

How did Novembers goals go? I felt very unwell this month, I won’t lie. Unwell enough to really need to see my IBD team but unable to get some face to face time, and several missed opportunities to talk to them. Everything that was niggling at me in October came full force in November – hitting me square between the (metaphorical) eyes. I spent quite alot of time off work trying to get things under control. Alas, that was proved pointless – I struggled to get my stump under control and it was not helped by my Vedolizumab infusion. I…


November 2018

Well well well.   Stoma wise; it has been abit more consistent this month. I got my defective products replaced and decided that ordering for Christmas was probably going to be a super productive idea. In theory it was, but it happened to come in three parcels and they were not light at all. And I’ve yet to unpack them all and add them into the supplies but ah well. On top of that, I’ve found myself being abit lazy with my stoma to be honest; leaving my bag a little longer to change, being abit wild and loose with…


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