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November 2018

Well well well.   Stoma wise; it has been abit more consistent this month. I got my defective products replaced and decided that ordering for Christmas was probably going to be a super productive idea. In theory it was, but it happened to come in three parcels and they were not light at all. And I’ve yet to unpack them all and add them into the supplies but ah well. On top of that, I’ve found myself being abit lazy with my stoma to be honest; leaving my bag a little longer to change, being abit wild and loose with…


November Goals

How did Octobers goals go? Whilst I felt generally well during the month, I also felt very unwell. Not unwell enough to really see my IBD team but enough for it to interfere with working and life. I spent a few days of each week off from work and spent it in bed. Yes, actually resting and sleeping! I know, unheard of for me, right? Being off work adds to my MH issues too which hasn’t been very good at the moment either. I’ve found no energy to write and the isolation sets in hard.  It’s a vicious cycle which…


October 2018

October; the new LIFE chapter   Stoma wise; it’s been leak city of late. Probably due to a box of defective bags; of which I’ve finally taken out of my supplies for good now! And whilst it’s been like this, I’ve been able to handle the watery output, the soreness and the very full bags during the night well too. It’s been a challenge now that my lifestyle is different – moved finally and no longer the only one in the bed every night – so that’s been a thing to adapt too. I honesty expected leaks and some problems…


October Goals

How did Septembers goals go? On the face of it, it feels like a big fat fail because I’ve been sick for more than half of the month. Which meant everything – literally everything  – took a back seat whilst I tried my best to get better. It seemed as I got one thing under control, my body would find something new to fight – from my MH which isn’t better at all, to my IBD flaring and causing me to catch not one but two infections – I’ve felt like I’ve seen more of my bed than ever before! I will be so glad…


September 2018

Oh September, you are my new August.   Stoma wise; this little one has not causes me one ounce of grief. Honestly, she has held it down when my IBD was flaring and causing my output to vary so damn much, but nope, bag stayed put and I ever got a few of days more out of several  bags when I was really ill because changing my bag meant standing up and I had zero energy. Very grateful to have enough supplies in stock, the ability to stretch my bag another day or two because my current routine is strong AF.…


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