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April 2017: Paintball Training – April 2nd GP Appointment – April 4th 29th Birthday – April 16th #IBDHour – April 20th 8-9pm GMT Moving – End of April Paintball Weekend R2 – April 29-30th



March 2017: ROManTIC PPI Day – March 2nd Paintball weekend – March 5th Cut and Colour – March 14th #IBDHour – March 16th 8-9pm GMT Coloplast Care Open Day, Birmingham – March 18th GI Clinic – March 21st Liver Clinic – March 23rd


Plans for the Week Ahead – Ep. 14

Back in the land of plans! I have a double hospital appointment on Monday to see my surgeon and get reviewed by my stoma nurse too. I have lots of questions for both since I saw them last, things have changed and I’m unsure of what this now means for me going forward; its all new territory, not being related…


Plans for the Week Ahead – Ep. 13

This week is a lot like last week. No appointments, just deadlines and more deadlines. This week Ben is working in his patch so is in the area for the evenings. This means I’m cooking dinner for us each night except Thursday. This is something I am really getting into planning and organising. I have four scheduled blog posts that…



February 2017: Surgical Review – February 13th #IBDHour – February 16th 8-9pm GMT CCUK South Staffs Coffee Afternoon – Feburary 18th Six Month Post-op Milestone! Spa Day – February 22nd London Day Trip – February 25th


Plans for the Week Ahead – Ep. 12

Another quiet week… maybe? This week I have so much I need to get started; at the very least. These include: several regular blog posts, a couple of new ones, some videos to record, job hunting, CV updating, lots of cooking and some much needed baking. I am home alone this week – Ben is back in Leicester training –…


High Five Friday – January 27th

Work, work, work… This week started with getting my office completed. We took a trip to Ikea and got my new desk chair – so very very comfy – passing through PC World on the way home to grab my new software. Yep, I’m all softwared and teched for a while. So far, no problems to report. It is making…


Plans for the Week Ahead – Ep. 11

A week with no appointments! Monday Ben won’t have gone back to Academy or working with his mentor so we are planning a movie and some shopping in a new place. We’ve gotten quite addicted to Pokémon Go – yes, we are adults and enjoying Pokémon, and what? It gets us out walking and talking about something new.. gotta roll…


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