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High Five Friday – February 12th

This week has been troublesome. I’m sure as things settle down and get sorted out, I’ll be able to speak about it but until then, this sums up my week:  


High Five Friday – February 5th

Hiya! Been a long week and I’m so glad its the weekend; even if I only get tomorrow off before going into work for a Sunday shift. I saw this last night and it really made me smile: I also had a lovely moment at work today when the group of people I sit with in our pod told me they had looked at what my surgery option was when we spoke about it on Tuesday. It was really touching; them taking an interest and asking questions instead of being shocked / horrified / embarrassed about it. Happy weekend!


January 2016

The beginning of the year is always difficult. I have, for the years I’ve been diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease, been able to avoid any major problems at the festive period; even when I was first diagnosed and just having started Humira without a clue how amazing it would be. So I came into January unsure; of what this whole year would bring me, how quickly I would find a new treatment plan and how rubbish I would have to feel to get to that point. On NYE I got my appointment to see a surgeon to discuss – very briefly…


June 2012

This month, alot like the others, has flown past. It’s now July, the seventh month of the year.. and I can’t quite believe it. It’s been a busy month. Been at work almost all month without incident or pain. One day caused me to leave work early, but par that, I’ve been symptom free again this month, just a little bloating and uncomfortable moments, but they soon pass. I visited the Day Hospital at Good Hope on the 12th and received my first Iron Infusion, which went well. It took almost two weeks to kick in and give me the…


May 2012

Considering how much I fear May in last months post, it wasn’t as scary as I once thought. I have been symptom free from my Crohn’s all of May. I’ve taken no time off work for any problems related to my Crohn’s, excepted my already allotted days for hospital appointments. I visited Good Hope twice in May. The first on the 15th for my clinic appointment. Found out I need an iron infusion to help remedy my anemia and that I need a full colonoscopy this summer. Looking forward to that one..! My second visit was a week later on…


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