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Plans for the Week Ahead – Ep. 6

THE WEEK BEFORE CHRISTMAS?! Tomorrow me and my mom are going to be planning the Christmas food shop we need to do at the end of the week. Should be fun, we’ve got a little tradition of going for breakfast and “mulling it over” with coffee and pastries. Its pretty nice. It’s also nice to have her off this week, so we can go out and get festive. I’ve also got to sort out my sick note for over Christmas and into January – its going to be a pain but needs must. Hopefully it’ll be a smooth day otherwise.…


High Five Friday – December 16th

Oh the build up… This week is my last week without anyone at home. It’s just been me, my thoughts and idiosyncrasies. I’m actually quite quiet when its just me here alone. It’s rather glorious. As we went into last weekend, I spent sometime working on my posts for Coloplast about their Brava Protective Seal. And after a couple months of sitting in my room waiting, I got to use my Canon M10 to shoot some photos. I was very impressed with it. And it even fits in with my Apple collection of tech! At the weekend me and Ben spent…


Plans for the Week Ahead – Ep. 5

MID DECEMBER!?! Tomorrow I am going to see my surgeon for my follow up from my subtotal colectomy. First time I will have been to see the colorectal team since surgery. Hoping he can discharge me from his care, give me some green lights on exercise and returning to work – even though I don’t feel physically ready for either at the moment because of my stupid stoma issues. But it will be nice to be one step further on into this journey Tuesday I’m catching up with TV and reading. Neglected my books for a while too long this…


High Five Friday – December 9th

Getting all comfy and cosy… This week kicked off with a huge long weekend with Ben. An added bonus of his training course is some early finishes and late starts on various weeks and some unexpected annual leave! So we took advantage of this weekend and plans lots of pre-Christmas things to do; we had coffee with one of my IBD friends who has two beautiful dogs, Sunday lunch with family, Saturday day watching films and eating mac and cheese. It was a good weekend. Slow, relaxed and not pressured. This week has been Crohn’s and Colitis awareness Week so…


Plans for the Week Ahead – Ep. 4

It’s December guys, DECEMBER! Tomorrow I plan on sorting most of my big chores of the week: ordering my ostomy supplies for over Christmas, ordering new glasses, having the afternoon with Ben before he heads back to Leicester on Tuesday, and finally going out for dinner with friends! Tuesday I need to really apply for some jobs and schemes. Fingers crossed I don’t get stressed. Wednesday I’ve got a few drafted and scheduled blog posts to write and publish. Hopefully that will go smoothly and I can get the majority of things organised. Thursday I am having a day off…


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