High Five Friday – January 27th

Work, work, work…

This week started with getting my office completed. We took a trip to Ikea and got my new desk chair – so very very comfy – passing through PC World on the way home to grab my new software. Yep, I’m all softwared and teched for a while. So far, no problems to report. It is making me much more organised and motivated to keep writing, long past my bedtime..!


The rest of the weekend we spent time cooking and relaxing. I did get to do my meal planning for the week and get out to do a food shop. Ben is working at home this week so I’ve had him for company in the evenings, so I’ve been cooking. AND I AM LOVING IT. I know it sort of makes me abit of a housewife but I sort of like that, without the label. Maybe it’s finally feeling well enough to partake in life and live a normal existence..?

Timehop has been reminding me of what last year was like for me. These two from this week in 2016 stand out and make my mind hurt:

My thoughts on how I’ve gotten to this place I am in right now is something I probably need to explore. Keep you posted.

I’ve spent quite abit of my time this week writing and being on Twitter, in between cooking and making notes for my meal planning.

I realised that I needed a break every day, so I’ve been taking abit of time after lunch to be by myself; abit of soothing music on, phone and ipad on airplane mode so I am not disturbed and reflect, relax and recharge. It’s only for 30-40 minutes, but I think it’s helping me not be so blue and grumpy.

But I then do stuff like this:

And then pose this question:


So by then I know I am feeling better about things, about everything.

That isn’t to say that I haven’t been feeling blue. I have. And it’s had its venting in my Draft section.

Guys, please remember that feeling sad and blue is part of life and it’s nothing to be ashamed of. But if you are struggling, talk to someone, either a friend or someone professional.

In that vein, I also relate to this a lot:


This week has had some highs! We went out for Nandos and I wore my new sparkly Converse; I am a Converse junkie. But look how pretty! I also got Nadiya Hussain’s – of #GBBO fame – new book “The Secret Lives of the Amir Sisters” and I adore it. I’m only just beginning it but I can recommend. It’s so wonderful to have her voice in my head whilst I read too; I think she is amazing.






I’ve been working on my Meal Planning – #mealplanninglikeaboss – under the Eating with an Ostomy category on the blog; to help explain more about what I eat, what tips I’ve picked up since ostomy surgery and how things have changed eating wise – from Crohn’s Disease restrictions to the variety now open to me with my ostomy. I hope its going to be a good series of posts happening each week in 2017 (I hope, unless I am unwell or in hospital!) From that, I’ve been fangirling over NellyCupcakes tweeting me; I am using her free printable planner sheet to help me organise myself, and I have to say its working amazing! I’ve followed her for years  – before she was pregnant with her daughter – and I love her just a little bit 🙂

This week has been long but I’ve been busy, just how I like it.

Sometimes, I just come out with something ridiculous; case in point: (#relationshipgoals perhaps?)



Finally here is my only Snapchat of the week. See you guys next week!

High Five Friday – January 20th

With the highs, come the lows This week started with a delightful breakfast in a new café in town! Always a good start, eh? I got to spend the weekend with Ben and relax after my big project last week concluded. I must say it’s definitely confusing when youre tiredness doesn’t hit you straight away; I ended up with a cold (again) and the headache from hell on Tuesday, so much that I haven’t been able to leave the house for a couple days. Despite that, here is a wonderful shot of Lichfield from my #uncomingbigproject : On Monday I […]

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High Five Friday – January 13th

So glad that’s all passed.. So, after being unwell in the New Year and missing my blogging because I was feeling so weak and unwell, I am finally back to the usual posting schedule! The motivation is all back and  I LOVE IT. This week is a weird one. I am super busy but with things I am unable to discuss with you guys. Don’t worry, I am okay, things are so good with me but I am sworn to secrecy on this certain aspects of this week. High Five Friday this week is really just everything from the last […]

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High Five Friday – December 23rd

It’s almost here! Last Friday was busy. I got so much done; I think it was because I was mostly fuelled by this stuff: I got some posts written and scheduled, some maintenance done, knowing I had a busy week ahead. Promised myself to not get too caught up in publishing straight away; need to give myself some time to reflect and edit. I spent the weekend with Ben. We had Nandos, baked a little, had a Netflix binge and went walking around town for some exercise. I am conscious to not let my abdomen get ‘bigger’ and affect my stoma […]

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High Five Friday – December 16th

Oh the build up… This week is my last week without anyone at home. It’s just been me, my thoughts and idiosyncrasies. I’m actually quite quiet when its just me here alone. It’s rather glorious. As we went into last weekend, I spent sometime working on my posts for Coloplast about their Brava Protective Seal. And after a couple months of sitting in my room waiting, I got to use my Canon M10 to shoot some photos. I was very impressed with it. And it even fits in with my Apple collection of tech! At the weekend me and Ben spent […]

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High Five Friday – December 9th

Getting all comfy and cosy… This week kicked off with a huge long weekend with Ben. An added bonus of his training course is some early finishes and late starts on various weeks and some unexpected annual leave! So we took advantage of this weekend and plans lots of pre-Christmas things to do; we had coffee with one of my IBD friends who has two beautiful dogs, Sunday lunch with family, Saturday day watching films and eating mac and cheese. It was a good weekend. Slow, relaxed and not pressured. This week has been Crohn’s and Colitis awareness Week so […]

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High Five Friday – December 2nd

Trains, trains and then more trains! This week I did quite abit of solo travelling… It all started with a lovely breakfast in Lichfield with Ben – he has just gotten back from Leicester and we talked about his training course, how things were going, how we were going to manage this new change and challenge together, a productive day. I then made us dinner; probably one of my favourites we’ve picked from the variety on the M&S Dine in for £10.   On Sunday, we had another lush sunrise. November skies are so beautiful! I travelled into Birmingham to […]

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High Five Friday – November 25th

Post holiday blue, they really suck. On Friday Ben and I had a relaxing day in Falmouth and spent time just hanging out in our holiday apartment. It was nice, just to not have work to do and could just be together. We had friends over that evening for drinks and Cards Against Humanity – I proudly won for the first time, half a bottle of gin down and no hangover; WINNING – it was a lovely day.   Saturday we spent the day in Truro with some friends; shopping and having lunch. I’m really happy this trip because I am […]

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High Five Friday – November 18th

This week? Seriously? Friday evening I opened my new bottle of Gin. It is pretty damn amazing: Saturday did start out quite well before I ended up eating the fateful flapjack of Flapjackgate. That afternoon I decided to make brown sugar meringues for a mixed fruit pavlova we would enjoy after roast lamb on Sunday.. Then it all started to go wrong. I experienced my first blockage with my ileostomy since surgery in August. I had one short visit to A&E on Saturday evening then was back on Sunday morning via ambulance. Awful, bad times. Catch up with the full details. here.   Monday […]

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High Five Friday – November 11th

It’s back! We’re back to our regularly scheduled programme! Monday started off with Vedolizumab at the hospital. All went to plan and no scary issues to report. Not back again until early January for the next infusion, hoping that I can start to see a difference over Christmas. This happened though: Tuesday we had this beautiful morning: Have spent every afternoon this week with the boyfriend, so spending my mornings doing writing and getting us sorted for next week’s getaway in Cornwall. Finally all planned and everything, ready to go next Thursday morning. He finishes his current job on the […]

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High Five Friday – May 6th

We made it back from Cardiff with only a few problems! I hardly ate whilst we were away and that really took its toll on me. I was feeling so bloated and under the weather; the boyfriend being unwell probably didn’t help. This finally hit home on Tuesday when I came down with a bad cough and cold. Worried that it could compromise my surgery next week, I shot off a quick email to my IBD nurse asking if I should be concerned; to which the reply was “if the symptoms die down by pre op (two days prior to […]

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High Five Friday – April 29th

No appointments this week. We’re getting closer to the start of May, closer to my surgical date. I’ve been having dreams which wake up at odd times. I won’t go as far as to say they are ‘nightmares’ because I don’t wake in a panic; I just wake unsure of if that was really real or totally unreal, you know? The main one has been dreaming about scars and surgical incisions. Big scar like a mid-line not healing, from ripping after laughing too hard or sneezing. I guess you could say that’s biggest fear. Its not nice waking up from […]

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High Five Friday – April 22nd

We’ve been away! We spent a glorious week away in Cornwall. Staying by the sea really does do so much for my mental health. The week away also included my birthday so I had so much fun celebrating that too. But ultimately, just being away from home – from all the pressures of home life, of stressing over money and health and bloody benefits – was good therapy. We did come back and spend the following day at the hospital seeing another surgeon about my upcoming operation. They can remove my ovarian cyst when they remove my ileum so two […]

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High Five Friday – April 8th

Its been a blurry week. It started by seeing the consultant on Tuesday – you can read more about that and the long term treatment plan here – and ended with packing. Its holiday in Cornwall on Monday with the boyfriend and we are away for a whole week. So I’ve spent most of this week without him; partly because I’ve been busy getting myself sorted out, he’s been very busy with a new work project – hallelujah! – and he’s been on late shifts. Having a couple of days like this before we go away really helps; too much […]

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High Five Friday – April 1st

We’ve finally made it into April! Its my birthday month! I’m usually excited to finally be getting into April and this  year I am experiencing a first – a birthday away from home. University doesn’t really count, I sometimes think being in Canada for my 21st was quite nice but I’ve never had a holiday on my birthday and gone away with a boyfriend for it. So this should be quite special but I’m apprehensive about April. I’m stuck between being excited for birthday but being scared that I haven’t really thought past that. That is unusual for me. That […]

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High Five Friday – March 25th

This week, ugh. I’ve been house bound AGAIN because of a bad cold. I’ve also given it to my boyfriend and its typically fallen on his holiday week off. It’s been one of those weeks were nothing actually happens and you’re on tenterhooks, waiting for something good to come along to break it all up abit. I’m feeling incredibly anxious about going out alone these days, I’m feeling drained and weak more and more. Noticing how much Vedo was doing, in hindsight.. I’ve had a letter from my surgeon to say he’s seen my scope results and given my failure of all […]

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High Five Friday – March 18th

It’s been a week of being practically house bound. I haven’t been feeling very well – I’ve been struggling to get rid of a persistent cough I caught in hospital last week and with my period which is causing its usual IBD havoc – but when I have been “well”, its only been for a couple hours at the most. I’m feeling confused and very isolated; I don’t know how to talk to people any more. Its like I’ve lost all my social skills being stuck at home being ‘off sick’. For me, this is the most agonising part of […]

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High Five Friday – March 11th

Been a rough one. One scope. One day prep. Two days recovery. One funeral.  The difference of 48 hours: Amazing how different you can look, admittedly with some help from make up. It’s been a week when I’ve been mostly house bound because of my health. I have finally managed to apply for ESA. I feel guilty for this. Its hard to justify being unable to work because I’m not well. I don’t feel awful as I have done, am I still sick? Its hard and its confusing. Which leads to me feeling very angry and very sad. Its a […]

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High Five Friday – March 4th

I’ve had a pretty decent week. I’ve had more good days than bad days; which is a nice change. I am due to reduce my Pred down to 10mg tomorrow and also start my diet for my colonoscopy prep. Glad its come around; I’m pretty anxious to get some results in and get moving on with the next stage of Operation: Colon Removal. Feeling good over bad might slightly sway these next couple days but I know its for an actual reason, not just my crap body having a hissy fit whenever it feels like it. This is an ‘ideal’ […]

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High Five Friday – February 26th

So another week, another High Five Friday..! This week I’ve been trying to find answers. To many, many things. I’ve been job hunting ; so much fun *sarcasm* I’ve been to see my consultant and finally decided on pursuing surgery once my scope happens in two weeks. I’ve been trying to keep my mind occupied from thinking too much about being unemployed for much longer, what surgery is going to be like, why my steroids are giving me more pain than happiness and what I want to do with my chronic life.  So I guess I’ve been soul searching. And […]

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