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August Goals

How did July’s goals go? Here is what I set myself for the month of July: GOALS: Monitor my IBD symptoms and keep track of ostomy issues. Keep on top of my wound as it gets smaller. Plan some new content. TASKS: Return to Work under a phased fit note. No sense in rushing to go back to ‘normal’ yet. Keep my hydration levels at an optimum. Actually make a start on a new project proposal from last month! Let’s recap… Let’s begin with how Month Four of Recovery went. I honesty had expected to go back to work in July…


July 2019

Let’s Return. Stoma wise; things have been running smoothly with the stoma in July. I’ve noticed abit of weight loss and this means my bags fit abit better than normal. However, the bloat from the veggies and salads prominent in the summer months, have meant that occasionally I get some nasty partial blockages. They have been solved by home remedies so nothing too dramatic to report. Apart from some sore skin from an old template, my skin has been pretty well protected during the heat this month so I’ve seen a greater length between changes. IBD wise; fatigue has been…


July Goals

How did June’s goals go? Here is what I set myself for the month of June: GOALS: Do one task every day. Do something every day I didn’t do the day before. Keep up my real and honest account of wound recovery. TASKS: Make a start on a new project proposal. Not neglect journaling if I am not blogging. Look after my personal health. Let’s recap… Let’s begin with how Month Three of Recovery went. The beginning of the month was met with stronger painkillers to help settle down the pain in my new perianal wound. As luck would have it,…


June 2019

Month Three.   Stoma wise; I’ve had abit of a rough time with my ostomy. In the days and then weeks following my Vedolizumab at the end of May, I was experiencing very loose output and multiple empties. I had to rely on gelling solutions to get my output thicker so I could manage it in the bag itself and when emptying. It was exhausting. Added to that my IBD was flaring slightly, I found eating hard due to so much nausea. Thankfully, that has now resolved itself but it’s brought alot more sore peristomal skin in my usual place…


June Goals

How did May’s goals go? Here is what I set myself for the month of May: GOALS: Recover. See more healing of my wounds. Have a solid appointment for my surgical follow up, May 14th. TASKS: Try to complete 50% of my ‘long-term’ to do list. Continue the honest of post op recovery online – social media and blogging. Possibly return to work, completely dependent on my perianal wound.   Let’s recap… Let’s begin with how Month Two of recovery went. I started the month on antibiotics for two weeks. I had my Vedolizumab rescheduled for the second time because my…


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