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January Goals

How did December go? After the battle of November with my health, this leached into December somewhat. I ended up being signed off work and having to get my arse into gear and figure out how to control my pain better. I began a new regimen and found that after ten days it needed adjusting again, just as I returned…


December Goals

How did November go? I felt very unwell this month, I won’t lie. Unwell enough to really need to see my IBD team but unable to get some face to face time, and several missed opportunities to talk to them. Everything that was niggling at me in October came full force in November – hitting me square between the (metaphorical)…


November Goals

How did October go? Whilst I felt generally well during the month, I also felt very unwell. Not unwell enough to really see my IBD team but enough for it to interfere with working and life. I spent a few days of each week off from work and spent it in bed. Yes, actually resting and sleeping! I know, unheard…


Looking Back… and Looking Forward

Inspired by Emma over at Quite Gusty – here is her original post. Follow her on Twitter here! 2018 has sped past and it’s sometimes hard to believe we are ending the final months of the year. But in the same breath, it feels like it has been around for absolutely ages too. When you battle a chronic illness, it’s a…


October Goals

How did September go? On the face of it, it feels like a big fat fail because I’ve been sick for more than half of the month. Which meant everything – literally everything  – took a back seat whilst I tried my best to get better. It seemed as I got one thing under control, my body would find something new to…


September Goals

It wasn’t until I came to draw up my bullet journal for September, did I think about my August goals! How did August go? I’ve been able to completely track my GI symptoms and we see some patterns emerging when it comes to what I eat and how it affects me. What has been biggest is seeing how important sleep…


August Goals

Last month I decide to dedicate my bullet journal to organise my blogging and my daily tasks and appointments. I was loosing alot of time, trying to remember what I was meant to be doing, what I wanted to do and I always forgot something. So, July, I took control. And it worked really well! My habit tracker was the…



December 2017 Annual leave! Vit B12 Injection – December 18th @ GP Vedolizumab #4 – December 19th @ PBo City


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