Meal Planning – April 10th

Jeez. I suck at this. It’s been a rollercoaster of a couple of weeks so I’ve just been eating when I can. I have been prepping but not being writing it down or up here. That’s gotta change.

These next two weeks I am home alone so making most of my meals just for myself. I did a little shopping this weekend to get some fresh yummy things in but most things are already in the freezer or in the cupboard; ready to make some great meals!

Here is this weeks plan; again just the dinner time meals:

Monday: Dominos! 

Tuesday: Bubble & Squeak with Steamed Eggs

Wednesday: Beef Chilli

Thursday: Chicken Kiev with Mini Roasties & Veg

Friday: Fishcakes with salad



I have a house to myself, time to myself but I need to pack. I do plan on testing some new recipes so they are settled and doable for when I move away next month. I also plan to make cake for the weekend – Confetti cake with Buttercream icing, OMG yes. Able to take my time and not have anyone around to pester me. Although, this means no tasters…

So, that is the basic plan for this week! Hope I stick to it!

Disclaimer: This isn’t a diet, it is self management of my current ability to eat with a stoma. If you seek dietary advice regarding your stoma, please contact your stoma nurse or medical team for further assistance.

Speaking: Loud and Proud

Know what inspires me the most? Other patients. Other ostomy patients, other IBD patients. Those people who have a connection to me once I share my own journey. I met these people last week at a Coloplast Care day. I spoke about how I came to have my ostomy, my IBD history in brief and how life has been since surgery. I tried to follow my written document – you can read it here – but I ended up going with a flow of just my own words, right from the heart. Speaking in this way did make me unexpectedly tearful because even though I’ve been speaking […]

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Why do you go to hospital? Is it because you’re in so much pain and need relief and answers? Well you’re like me then, only going when it is beyond your threshold and you need help. The pain was unreal and unbelievable earlier and every time I’ve been come into hospital I’ve always experienced pain; they are forever intrinsically linked in my head. So now, it’s incredibly hard to think I can still be here without feeling any pain. I feel quite fraudulent. Added to that, I am in the same room from my last admission; my ostomy surgery, all that pain, blood, fear, shock, disbelieve. I am […]

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Changing Attitudes

13.06.16 I stared down at the box of tablets in some sort of disbelief. How did it get to this, needing to take anti depressants? It’s week five of my post op recovery. I had surgery in mid- May on my bowel and to remove a cyst on my ovary. Things were going well; I was healing from my incisions and I was getting back to a normal diet. Then two weeks ago, things took a horrible turn. I was sick. On and off for 36 hours. I honestly haven’t felt well since. No one can tell me if this […]

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Meal Planning – March 20th

Last week started great for meal planning but as the week went on and I got sick one evening, it all then went out the window. But I did still eat well and pretty healthy – I cooked all my meals last week, that part I am proud, and I take that score and enthusiasm into this week. Here is this weeks plan; again just the dinner time meals: Monday: Beef Stew Tuesday:  Sausage and Mash  Wednesday: Pork Stir Fry Thursday: Butternut Squash soup  Friday: Saturday:  I have two hospital appointments, one day trip away from home for something v important […]

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Stoma Nurses; What makes them so important?

A couple weeks ago I got the chance to interview my  stoma nurse about her job role; this is Q & A with Nicola Jennings: Stoma Care Nurse at Good Hope Hospital in the Heart of England NHS Trust. What is a stoma nurse? The title for the role at the hospital I work is ‘Colorectal Specialist Nurse’, this incorporates stoma care. They are specialist’s registered nurses wo have gained additional specialist knowledge and experience in caring for people with colorectal cancer, IBD and other disorders of the bowel requiring surgery. The Role: We provide patient support at diagnosis and throughout […]

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Meal Planning – March 13th

I have been severally lacking in my meal planning for weeks now. I’ve no real excuse, I’ve just neglected it and messed about with my routine. Which is a shame, because it feels as if it was starting to stick abit more. Lately, there has been a lot of “winging” and just seeing what was available to eat, not much planning, or just a couple of days of planning, not enough for a post. But no more! I am back to it and I hope it results in better choices – I’ve noticed tighter clothes and whilst this has been […]

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Life Lately | Stoma and Ostomy Lifestyle

So, I’ve been doing a lot of specific blog posts on ostomy advice and milestones. What I haven’t been really talking about is what is going on with me, personally. After my first surgery, we had a game plan on what I was going to achieve and when. This included how well I was going to recover, how I would get on with my chronic illness wway from surgery and when I would return to work. Returning to work was going to mean retraining and I wanted time to mentally prepare myself for that. But nothing went to plan. Nothing. […]

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What I’ve Learnt after Six Months with an Ileostomy

  “I’ve learnt that this learning experience isn’t over and won’t ever really be over. And that is okay. I am fine with these challenges because I know I can do them, whatever my stoma throws my way.” Extract from my November post “What I’ve Learnt After Three Months with an Ileostomy” ***   Six months. Half a year. It feels and sounds like a huge amount of time. And to really sit and think about what I was doing six months ago – lying in a hospital bed, attached to so many tubes, waking up from surgery to create […]

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My Ostomy Appliance Change Routine

I’ve had my ostomy for six months now. And throughout that time, I’ve been getting used to and getting more comfortable with changing my appliance. From the first couple of days that my ostomy existed, I was on TPN and hooked up to my feed for the majority of the time. I would have my stoma nurse come and change my bag every two days. But as I got moved off the TPN and onto solid food, she expected me to change my bag myself. I would do this, of course, it was part of the process of accepting my […]

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Meal Planning – February 13th

This week I have a couple of plans – I have an important hospital appointment, a coffee date and a review due. Plus Ben is away in Leicester; he’s coming into the final stretch of his training and I know he needs to concentrate. So I’m spending this time this week getting myself organised. At the weekend I cooked a pork shoulder in the slow cooker; making the most glorious Pulled Pork. It was so huge, I have got plenty left over for meals this week. It was the first time I’ve a) used a slow cooker and b) made […]

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Sometimes; it just hits you, hard

How long does it take you to accept something?  I’d be lying if I said I hadn’t be terrified to see my stoma. The first time I got to see it, I was high on morphine and was desperately trying to understand what was coming out of me and what I was attached to. PICC line? Check. PCA pump? Check. Catheter? Check. Abdominal drain? Check. Ostomy bag…? Check. I felt the outline of a bag underneath my gown, curious to see it but equally scared and nervous. How much of that was down to the drugs? How much of that feeling […]

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My Tips for Eating with an Ostomy

I’m coming up to six months with my wonderful ileostomy, Pricilla. It’s not always been a great relationship but I saw quite quickly how she was going to make my life with my chronic illness so much better, I’ve accepted her being here and being here permanently. What has always been important to me is food. Always. Ever since I was small, I loved food. I baked with my mom as a child, leant to cook as a teenager and enjoying it more and more as I grew up and lived away at university. When I was diagnosed with Crohn’s […]

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Meal Planning – February 6th

This week is another week of no appointments or plans; only some smaller writing deadlines. So eating wise I have more time to try new things, its not just me this week either; Ben is working in his patch all this week.  I have some free time so baking is on the cards. After everything that happened last week and went wrong, I was feeling abit disheartened by my meal planning exploits. But I know I can’t give up that easily, so I’m going to persurvere. We had plans this weekend so food shopping got done on Saturday morning before going out. Came in […]

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Meal Planning – January 30th

This week I am writing and writing a lot. I managed last week to make connections and get myself some blogging spots so I’m going to smash them out of the grey brain matter this week, hopefully. So eating wise I know I will be busy so I was looking for cheap, easy meals for one; Ben is away training all this week. I think I’ve hit it on the mark, planning wise. I even went and did my food shop on Friday evening after dinner – whilst I wasn’t too fatigued by everything else. Came in under budget – […]

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One Year On

Three hundred and sixth five days. A whole year; twelve months. We sat in traffic. It was a busy Wednesday morning rush hour. I’m anxious, excited and ever so scared. It felt like make or break time; would these doctors also recommend surgery? Did I have more choices than the scalpel? I was in agony. I knew I was sick and I knew that I would probably choose surgery but who wants to make that decision? Without more opinions and more information? No, today was necessary. I was curious about the new and different hospital; explaining my history to a […]

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Meal Planning – January 23rd

I’ve been meaning to start and hopefully continue meal planning since I got my ostomy; for several reasons: To help me plan meals and budget. Find new cheap meals to make for me and Ben – we’ve now got more financial constraints. Improve my organisation of and my passion for food and cookery. Better track what my stoma is enjoying / disliking / gives me issues. So, I am hopeful that by sharing this; others can see what exactly I eat – no pressure to maintain my ethos of ‘healthy eating with a stoma’ – and that by having a stoma […]

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Forgetting about ‘The IBD’ and *all* that Anger

So it was Tuesday night and the boyfriend and I were discussing the previous day’s appointment with my surgeon. As much as I respect the logic and reasoning behind my surgeon’s need to keep me under his care and continue to test me – to make sure the Crohn’s is under control or if not, seeking the correct treatment option for me – but it has disappointed me. I honestly thought I was doing well, doing okay with mananging my stoma on my own, gaining weight, making more of my time at home and getting some light exercise. Since then, […]

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Surgical Review – 12.12.16

This is my surgical review for both my surgeries I had done this year. I had my Right Hemicolectomy in May and my Subtotal Colectomy in August. The second surgery superseded the first by giving me my ileostomy. I was sort of expecting to be on the way to being discharged at this appointment but I knew deep down that this probably wasn’t possible. It’s only been three months post-op and it seems whenever my surgery is discussed with me at the hospital, they added on additional weeks to my recovery because of already having Crohn’s disease. Apparently, this type […]

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REVIEW: Coloplast NEW Brava Protective Seal

At the end of November, I was invited to Coloplast HQ in Peterborough to find out more about their new Brava Protective Seal and of course sample the product too! Why the new product? Coloplast wanted to improve on their exisiting Brava Moudlable Ring and provide a more comprehensive variety, to fit better with more sizes of stomas. Feedback from their customers lead them to look for three improvements: 1. More output resistance 2. More absorbancy 3. Accommodate for their shapes and sizes of stoma. What are the difference between the two? Coloplast’s Brava Mouldable Ring comes in two thicknesses – […]

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