Living with an Ostomy

all posts relating to living with a ostomy, day to day. Including leaks, ostomy supplies, bag changes, being out in public, managing output.

Surviving the Winter with an Ostomy: A Guide

Winter time can be a daunting and challenging time when you have an ostomy. Worries can focus around how routines change with the season, what you’ll be able to eat and drink during the festive period, whether you will be prepared for the ramping up of social activities and ensuring you have supplies to see you through and how to cope during a period of time when there can be limited access to medical professionals.  In this guide, I’ll be looking at sharing my own advice and some common tips and tricks to help make the Winter period enjoyable  and relaxing. …


Happy 2nd Stomaversary!

What I’ve Learnt and Achieve in the Last Twelve Months with my Ostomy   Year One with a stoma came and went with great highs and terrible lows. I started Year Two by saying this: But what did the next twelve months have in store for me? I would be admitted to hospital a few days later, in horrific pain which turned out to be my bowel twisting. That’s what I’d been experiencing all summer long; four admissions and countless pleas ignored… I would restart Vedolizumab for the third time, because my disease could not be controlled without medication. I’d have…


Surviving the Summer with an Ostomy: A Guide

Summer time can sometimes be a daunting time when you have an ostomy. Worries tend to focus around the heat, your supplies and how they’ll hold up and how to avoid being caught out or avoid a hospital admission.  In this guide, I’ll be looking to the common fears new ostomates might have, along with some advice about how to lessen those fears and worries they might have. It’s also good information for well seasoned ostomates too; sometimes you just need a refresher or just some fresh eyes.  Hope you enjoy!  xox  Managing Your stoma Supplies Don’t Sweat It! With…


The “What is a Stoma?” Series – Part V

Welcome to Part V in my new blog series on “What is a Stoma?”  This instalment covers practical hints and tips for managing a stoma in the immediate post op recovery period as well as some long term advice. It also covers the importance of abdominal exercises, some simple dietary advice upon first eating with your stoma follow discharge from hospital, some stoma supplies advice on how to store and manage the products in a practical and daily way. Following on from that will be some more about the mental health aspects of living with a stoma and things to consider. This…


10 Tips for Feeling Comfortable with an Ostomy

I remember the first time that things went wrong with my ostomy and I wondered to myself ‘How am I ever going to feel comfortable with this? How am I ever going to be okay with this?’ I’ve felt similarly when it comes to my IBD, when things didn’t go the way they or myself had hoped or planned they would. The blows were numerous and they hit me hard but every single time I got back up and carried on. I chalked it up to experience, learnt my ‘lesson’ from it and moved on. And the secret is that…


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