Challenges with an Ostomy

all posts relating to the challenges of living with and learning to love an ostomy. Emotional and mental challenges; new activities, changing old habits, swimming, disabled toilets, stigma.

The Importance of a AUR – Appliance User Review

** Warning: this post contains details about my stoma, it’s appearance and output. If you would not like to read, please stop now ** That ‘aha!’ moment Lately, I’ve been experiencing some quite bad leaks with my stoma bag. What started off as just because I’d change my bag after two days of wear, it soon became daily and then…


Surviving the Winter with an Ostomy: A Guide

Winter time can be a daunting and challenging time when you have an ostomy. Worries can focus around how routines change with the season, what you’ll be able to eat and drink during the festive period, whether you will be prepared for the ramping up of social activities and ensuring you have supplies to see you through and how to cope…


Pancaking and Ballooning – An Education

What is Pancaking and what causes it? Pancaking is when the front and back of your ostomy bag get pulled together, resulting in no output being allowed to drop down into the pouch; instead it sits around your stoma, on your baseplate and can causes issues. It is believed to be caused either by the filter on the appliance being…


Ostomy Uncovered: Peristomal Skin Issues

What is peristomal skin? Peristomal skin is the region of your abdomen around your stoma. It will be the skin that is covered by a stoma bag and probably about a 1-2 inch around the end of your baseplate; a total area of approximately 4 x 4 inches. . If you have a stoma created, this area will forever be…


Surviving the Summer with an Ostomy: A Guide

Summer time can sometimes be a daunting time when you have an ostomy. Worries tend to focus around the heat, your supplies and how they’ll hold up and how to avoid being caught out or avoid a hospital admission.  In this guide, I’ll be looking to the common fears new ostomates might have, along with some advice about how to…


Ostomy Uncovered: Blockages

What is a ostomy blockage? An ostomy blockage is when a stoma becomes blocked. This can happen for many reasons, some simple and easy to resolve, others abit more tricky. But, in any circumstances, ostomy blockages should not be taken lightly. Symptoms are: Thin, clear liquid output with foul odour Cramping abdominal pain near the stoma Decrease in amount of…


Speaking: Loud and Proud

Know what inspires me the most? Other patients. Other ostomy patients, other IBD patients. Those people who have a connection to me once I share my own journey. I met these people last week at a Coloplast Care day. I spoke about how I came to have my ostomy, my IBD history in brief and how life has been since surgery. I…


Hospital: Fear & Anxiety or Hope & Comfort?

Why do you go to hospital? Is it because you’re in so much pain and need relief and answers? Well you’re like me then, only going when it is beyond your threshold and you need help. The pain was unreal and unbelievable earlier and every time I’ve been come into hospital I’ve always experienced pain; they are forever intrinsically linked in my head. So now,…


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