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Vedolizumab #1 & #2 – Do I dare hope..?

“The biggest thing today was how much care and attention I receive from my IBD team. And I really need to fight to keep that the same; given the NHS Trust’s changes.. “


The road to Vedolizumab

“The best I can do is just hope for the best and deal with the worse, if and when it shows up.”


Infliximab #14 – The final one :(

“I’m willing to give it a whirl but how much of this is just putting off the somewhat inevitability of surgery? Its the big unknown and the big elephant in the room.”


Oh. Oh dear..

“I know, I am being hard on myself. And it isn’t too much of a big deal, but to me, it is. I should be a better patient. I’m good everywhere else, why is this so ‘difficult’ to do, manage, maintain?”


Infliximab #13 – Not so unlucky for me!

“I take it as a win. The sniffles are a small price to pay for 7 weeks of good bowel behaviour in my eyes.”


Infliximab #12 – The Worries of a Troublesome Colon Pt.1

“Considering how unwell I had been feeling, and in hindsight, how unwell I would continue to feel once starting it, I didn’t get told (or I didn’t ask, either one) what to really expect”


Infliximab #11 – Ongoing Troubles…

“I just know that who I am now, isn’t who I want to be. This is not the quality of life I am willing to settle for. So maybe I need to make a strong and powerful decision that will benefit me in the long run.”


March Madness & MXT

he described my antibodies as thus; “there is a limit of 200 on the scale, you are *way* above it”. Simply put, my body is fighting the drug, as soon as it comes into my system.


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