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#IBD Hour – Biological Treatments

Tonight I hosted the #IBDHour chat on Biological Treatments. In the last six years since I was diagnosed, I have found that I respond best to biological medications; which have given me good quality of life (QoL) and the ability to be closely monitored and managed by my IBD teams. In this post, I’ll answer – at length, because 240 characters and a tweet threads just aren’t enough! – the questions from the chat and provide some good links to resources and detail some more of my experiences with biological medications. Disclaimer: This information is based on my own personal…


Life Lately | Vedolizumab Side Effects

When I feel ill last summer, I was given the opportunity to start Vedolizumab again. For the third time. At the time, I was given a ‘that speech’ about the risks and benefits of this medication and what it could do to me. You get this every time you start something new, it is a doctor’s prerogative to explain your treatment in full, with side effects, possibly risks and hopeful benefits. Being the third time around, and my third biological medication for my Crohn’s disease, I was told that this time we would not be stopping this medication. We would…


Vedolizumab: A Rocky New Start

Have you ever wanted to just get through something, so you can start to feel better? That’s how I’ve felt about this pending infusion. I’m not one to rush through something, to just reach the end and say it’s over and done with, I appreciate my struggle and woes as much as I appreciate and celebrate my highs and all those good feelings that come with them. But these past couple of weeks, boy oh boy have I just wanted to fast forward. My final loading dose of Vedolizumab was due on October 16th, a few days shy of the…


Life Lately | All This Familiar ‘Newness’

This feels oddly familiar. I’m not sure I like it. I’ve found that this phrase gets said alot in regards to my Crohn’s Disease. Things come and go in waves, in cycles some years and they almost always feel like deju vu. But for the most part, the fact that they are familiar gives me a certain ability to cope with them, time and time again. It sucks that the same things occur on a some-what semi-regular basis but I take comfort with the mantra; “I’ve done it before, I’ll do it again.” A certain piece of mind, if you will. This week,…


Vedolizumab: Here We Go Again – Third Times a Charm

Today has been bittersweet. I feel like I’ve said that a lot, but the excitement of actually getting back into this whole ‘back on biological medication’ routine has taken over the fact that this was my last outpatient appointment at my hospital. If you’ve been following me for a while, you’ll know that I relocated at the start of the summer for a new job – read more here and here – and with that came moving my IBD care to a new hospital. It was a big challenge as I was, at the time, not receiving any treatment and…


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