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IBD Basics: Methotrexate

What is Methotrexate & Why is it important? Methotrexate is part of a group of medication called immunosuppressants. They work to help ┬áreduces inflammation in the body by dampening down the activity of the immune system. It works particular well at controlling the inflammation in the gut, helpful for IBD. As IBD is an autoimmune response to too much active…


I am scared.

“So I am scared of all of this. That I’m trying so hard to get some control of everything, I’m trying to not be angry but being angry is all I can feel. “


Oh. Oh dear..

“I know, I am being hard on myself. And it isn’t too much of a big deal, but to me, it is. I should be a better patient. I’m good everywhere else, why is this so ‘difficult’ to do, manage, maintain?”


GI Clinic – 21.07.15

“she – and many others – don’t understand how much of an emotional battle IBD can be. It can be hard to switch your mind off from what is going on, or what could happen… mentally preparing myself, is part and parcel of my disease.”


Infliximab #12 – The Worries of a Troublesome Colon Pt.1

“Considering how unwell I had been feeling, and in hindsight, how unwell I would continue to feel once starting it, I didn’t get told (or I didn’t ask, either one) what to really expect”


Elemental, my dear Louise

I had put off contacting my IBD nurse for weeks and weeks. Things were steadily going down hill, pretty much since the beginning of May. I started to feel unwell soon after my last Infliximab infusion but put it down to the stress of finding a new job and being unhappy at being at home all the live long week.…


Infliximab #11 – Ongoing Troubles…

“I just know that who I am now, isn’t who I want to be. This is not the quality of life I am willing to settle for. So maybe I need to make a strong and powerful decision that will benefit me in the long run.”


March Madness & MXT

he described my antibodies as thus; “there is a limit of 200 on the scale, you are *way* above it”. Simply put, my body is fighting the drug, as soon as it comes into my system.


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