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Infliximab #5

Another eight weeks have passed..   Another Monday lunchtime spent at the hospital, this time only for two hours; a one hour infusion followed by a hour of observations. As always, there were problems prior to the infusion, discussed before the weekend in “Spring Forward” concerning my liver but after being given the green light to attend, I turned up, fretful from a good yet bad counselling session that morning, to have a difficult time being cannulated. Cannulation, I hear you say, isn’t this a common problem with IBD patients? It can be, yes, but then again, no. Despite how…


Spring forward

Nothing like spending a Saturday evening in the hospital is there? That’s where I was two weeks ago, after a painful afternoon of sickness, I succumbed to my body and was taken to our local A&E department. I got assessed, had my blood taken, lots of poking and prodding and then proceeded to wait for my test results. They came in, gradually over the next couple of hours; move from a stomach bug, to a infection, to a possible Crohn’s flare up, to finally a inflamed and angry liver:  my ALT level was 214  – it is usually between 0-45/50…


Infliximab #4

So, its been eight weeks since the last hospital visit for the magic mouse juice. This time, I was due to have a two-hour infusion and only one hour of observation. I had gone the eight weeks as was set out by my GI, IBD nurse and the hospital’s Gastro MGT team. Eight weeks are the standard set of time between infusions. As I had gone up and up in time between the first initial “loading doses”, I was now going a whole two months without another infusion and boy was it a long time! I had a great first…


Overdue: Infliximab #3

Infusion #3 was by far the best of the three. Regardless of the cold and the coughing, I went off to the hospital, arrived and met my IBD nurse. Knew that the team had talked about my status and would have decided by the time I got into the infusion room if I was receiving it. Knew if I would have to wait out the rest of the Christmas week without my Infliximab. Knew if I would have to continue the antibiotics, continue to work and let the cold run its course. Luckily, despite my awful demeanor on Friday when…


Rough / Cough

This has been a rough one for me, more so than before. I can’t quite remember feeling this awful before, without the bowels going crazy and my body flaring. This, in all sense and purpose, is a cold. But given my immunosuppressed body, it has hit extremely hard; with each day providing me with a new and strong symptom, so much that I finished work on Friday afternoon – after a five hour shift that mostly consisted of me sneezing, coughing and generally loosing all sense of body strength and temperature control – and could not see any light at…


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