Biological Treatment

All things related to Biological drugs – Humira, Infliximab and Vedolizumab

Vedolizumab #1 & #2 – Do I dare hope..?

“The biggest thing today was how much care and attention I receive from my IBD team. And I really need to fight to keep that the same; given the NHS Trust’s changes.. “


The road to Vedolizumab

“The best I can do is just hope for the best and deal with the worse, if and when it shows up.”


Infliximab #14 – The final one :(

“I’m willing to give it a whirl but how much of this is just putting off the somewhat inevitability of surgery? Its the big unknown and the big elephant in the room.”


Infliximab #13 – Not so unlucky for me!

“I take it as a win. The sniffles are a small price to pay for 7 weeks of good bowel behaviour in my eyes.”


Infliximab #12 – The Worries of a Troublesome Colon Pt.1

“Considering how unwell I had been feeling, and in hindsight, how unwell I would continue to feel once starting it, I didn’t get told (or I didn’t ask, either one) what to really expect”


Infliximab #11 – Ongoing Troubles…

“I just know that who I am now, isn’t who I want to be. This is not the quality of life I am willing to settle for. So maybe I need to make a strong and powerful decision that will benefit me in the long run.”


March Madness & MXT

he described my antibodies as thus; “there is a limit of 200 on the scale, you are *way* above it”. Simply put, my body is fighting the drug, as soon as it comes into my system.


Infliximab #9 and #10

” It’s now become more about the psychological warfare of not knowing what is causing me to feel like this.”


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