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Humira Review

Tuesday was my medication review with my GI at Good Hope. I’ve been asking about my review for a good 3 months to date, and finally, I’ve been given an answer. After all the hoop jumping, all the tests and bloods and scans, finally, FINALLY, I’m off the Humira. I had a speech all planned and all the evidence I’ve accumulated in the last couple weeks, only for my doctor to suggest, after having looked and explained my blood results and historiography of my colonoscopy, we stop my medication. I hadn’t expected this. A little grin appeared on my face…


Unhappy isn’t even half of it.. I’m full …

Yesterday, my Humira injection was due. Yesterday, I visited my GP to discuss my ongoing symptoms. Yesterday, I was told I was had gained so much weight that I was unable to take contraceptive pills. Yesterday, I cried and inwardly cursed the drug that had brought me back from the brink. Yesterday was tough. I finished work in the middle of the afternoon, carried myself up the road to the doctors. I sat with my new GP – a lovely Welsh lady – who wanted to know why I was back, not even a week after my last appointment. Basically,…


The needle stick

For those who are new to this blog or need some reminding, I currently take Humira as my only method in my Crohn’s treatment plan. I’ve been on it since December 2011 and for the most part, it’s worked well. However, for whatever reason or a mixture of reasons, lately, its been causing more problems than it solves. That aside, I know more Remicade Crohn’s patients than I do, Humira ones. In fact, in that spectrum, alot of the people I’ve come into contact with Crohns, take tablet treatment also, or instead. Despite being a “treatment for moderate to servre…


Le sigh.

Sadly, I’ve been going through a rough time this past week or so. I’ve been experiencing terrible abdominal pain and some awful bathroom visits. All the while, going to work, doing my Brownies leadership and persurviering with my snowboarding. You’ll be glad, I managed it all whilst being unwell. But here I am sat, attempting to complete NHBPM – albeit a week behind – and I’m finding it hard to concertrate. I spent last night yelling and screaming and crying at my boyfriend as we faught. Why? Because I am in constant low levelling pain and uncomfortable as fuck. No…


There has to be 9 empty injections in this medical waste box. That is the last four months of Humira medication. They sit in my fridge, reminding me of the magnitude of my situation. It is flowing through my body, in my blood, controlling my symptoms for as long as possible until the next dose is due. I really do thank my lucky stars for how brilliant this works for me.


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