Night Two

Night two back of Ward G18.

I feel better in myself today – more appetite and general perkiness (but mostly due to the feeling of ‘a plan’ being formed, but more on that later) than anything else – got my canulla in, lots of bloods taken, drugs and observations too.

The road to recovery is a long and winding one. A clique, but feels very truthful now that I’m back in a hospital bed for the third time in a month. Not much has changed here – in fact, I get recognised, would you believe it? – but something is different.

Forward. Not back (although the last couple days has felt very much of ‘one step forward, two steps back’). Positive thinking. And of course, ‘THE PLAN’.


My dad told me yesterday, that almost every time I phoned him whilst in hospital last month, he thought I was going to tell him they had found cancer in me. That was what was making me so ill, that is what they couldn’t find for a week, that was the thing that was going to keep me weak and fragile – so unlike I’d ever been – for much much longer. Thankfully, they didn’t find any and won’t find any. I am grateful for that, in its saving grace, but his words will stick with me for a while. […]

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