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Life Lately | Liver Biopsy

Last chance diagnostic saloon Yesterday I went in for a biopsy on my Liver. If you’ve been a reader for a while, you’ll know that I’ve been seeing a Hematologist since late 2017 and as of yet, we have yet to really pin point why my LFTs – Liver Function Tests – have continued with their trend of being very high since 2014. The transfer of my notes from my specialist liver consultant at the QE in Birmingham, who saw me from late 2014 until 2017, took a while to get to Peterborough, so I’ve enduring more of the same testing as before; 3…


Life Lately | The ‘Final’ Step

At last, answers and a plan. I last talked – openly and frankly – about my current predicament back at the end of November; re my rectal stump. Since then, we’ve had some improvement with its produce but it’s still a massive pain in the butt; metaphorical and literal. But we have had some appointments come through and we are now at Stage Three of the process. This being; I actually signed my surgery paperwork this week. I had known about my surgical appointment since my GI appointment in mid December – which in actual fact, was only a run…


Biological Treatment, Gratitude and Being Comfortable in Hospital

A year in the making. Last year, my September was tough. It was a positive consequence of my August and the decisions myself and my IBD team made to get me well again. A quick recap – View this post on Instagram #throwbacktuesday 🙈🙊 • • • This time last year I was one month post op from my subtotal colectomy. I was in the hospital having my first loading dose of my second restart of #Vedolizumab : time just, flies doesn’t it? Awkward cannula moment, always! 😂 More on my thoughts here – biological treatment, gratitude and being comfortable…


The Liver & IBD

What is the Liver and how does it function? The liver acts as a “processing plant” in the body, taking what we ingest and breaking it down. The result is that some of what is broken down goes into the system through the blood stream and the rest is expelled as waste. What the liver breaks down and is used by the body – cholesterol, acids, and bile salts – are stored in the gallbladder until needed to break down fat. As well as the liver, we also have bile ducts – which transport bile or waste from the liver to…


Life Lately | “And Another Thing..”

Do you ever have those moments when you just think ‘What else can be thrown at me?’ Not that I haven’t been feeling okay lately, but its been chock full of just things that need to be sorted and nothing is every simple with me. For one reason or another, every week for a while, I’ve had my blood taken. Sometimes for my IBD monitoring or a potential flare up, my liver levels checking and then for clinics. It’s been pin cushion central, and I can handle that but it’s not normal is it? The reasons for the blood test…


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