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Two Weeks Post Surgery

Seems like only yesterday I was counting backwards from four to be put under for my Proctectomy. But here we are, fourteen days post op and it’s been a weird and wonderful ride. I spent eight days on the ward, learning to manage my pain and my wounds. I am very grateful for my stoma being created at a different time, I doubt I would have been so able to cope with no butt and a stoma in one fail swoop. That being said, managing wounds is tough going anyway, even more so when they are inaccessible to my own…


What’s in my Hospital Bag?

It’s been almost three years since I had a planned admission to hospital, and a little over a year that I’ve had without an admission at all. So, planning and packing my hospital bag was a quite daunting task. What would I need? How much would I be able to take with me? How was I going to keep myself occupied when I didn’t have visitors? Did I have enough of everything?   The first thing I did was order my repeat prescriptions. My scripts become available at different levels of ‘low stock’ so I tried my best to get the…


Why? My Proctectomy Explained

Background: In 2016 I underwent two operations for my Crohn’s Disease. The first was a Right Hemicolectomy in May, followed by a Subtotal Colectomy with Ileostomy in August. My first surgery was to remove a stricture that was causing all of my then IBD symptoms. It had been unresolved by medication, so a joint decision between myself, my consultant and surgeon was made to remove my terminal ileum and about 20 cm of my small bowel.  Between May and August I would be admitted  – post surgery – four times; I had a bowel infection, my Crohn’s reoccurred and we failed…


How To Prepare for Surgery

I am a week or so away from another surgery. A planned one for a change! It has been almost three years since my first surgery and things are different this time around – I know what to expect, how the pre op appointments work, the process of a surgery and recovery but how exactly do you prepare and organise yourself for a major surgery? Here I’ll be going through step by step what is expected during your journey for surgery – from first surgical appointment through until the operation – peppered with my own tips and hints to what I’ve…


Pre Operative Assessments: Stoma & General Surgery – 14.03.19

I last had a pre op for major surgery back in May of 2016 ahead of my Right Hemicolectomy. Reading it back, everything is very much the same – not long before the operation is here, pre op drinks at the ready, all vitals taken and history given. What was different this time was already having a stoma. I initially thought my stoma pre op was a mistake – surely the hospital know I already have one and I know more than most, of what to expect? – but it was not. I met all the new Stoma Care Nurses…


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