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MRI Update

A couple weeks ago I had my final investigative scan, my rescheduled MRI scan, mentioned in this post. I received a CC-ed letter from my consultant today stating that my scan “showed a considerable improvement on the changes previously noted on CT (of the small bowel). This is reassuring but also mirrors the general improvement in condition and blood tests.” I am rather happy with this. Despite being preoccupied with the actual preparation for the scan and the scan itself, I started to wonder if they would find any more inflammation in my small bowel. In fact, I’ve spent a…


“Oh, the fickle nature of my life..”

Today was meant to be – it was – a great day. I finally had my MRI scan at Heartlands this morning. After 5 more weeks of waiting, I’m done with this run of tests for my Crohn’s. I never want it done again, I despise Klean Prep with all my being. In all honest, it was a pleasantly weird experience; not as much fun as the CT scan (alot more uncomfortable, but that was mostly down to the breathing in and holding my breath I had to do) but interesting. A closed scanner, alot like a tunnel is not…



Its been a while since I had a scan – of any type – done for my Crohns. My last ‘attempt’ was my failed MRI in early December, and before that it was a very rushed second ultrasound during my last hospital stay. In all honesty, I don’t mind the scans. Or the tests. Just knowing more about my condition and ‘jumping through the hoops’ so to speak to get to a conclusion is very satisfying. I don’t tend to worry about the results – deal with them when they come. I don’t dread seeing my consultant at clinic appointments.…



Thursday. Friday. Two horrible horrible days of inconsistent stupid drug related problems. High temperature. CT scan. Ultrasound. Generally being poked about. Too many talks about drug treatments. Question after question. But most of all my IV steroids thought it would be an excellent idea to bottom out my mood, take away all my positivity and turn me into a broken distraught mess. Lovely.


The Plan

So, my last lot of drugs really didn’t work. The steroids I was taking with my Pentasa didn’t exactly have a good time together, the last couple days. In fact, everything went down hill in a matter of 36 hrs – just the time before my first out patient clinic appointment. One look at me, a description of my symptoms, my new weight loss and terrible lack of life in me; lead the consultant to re admit me almost immediately. Hours later, back in the same bed on the same ward as 10 days previously. Now, the plan is being…


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