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So, I was recently tagged by the lovely Thalia Skye in her vlog for the IBD Advocacy Tag. This has been a tag created by Megan over at Front Butter Youtuber – which you can watch here – helping to promote and raise the profile of IBD advocacy online. The premise is to answer the below five questions and tag…


London: for Business not Pleasure

London. The centre of bowel related things I love going to London, the capital of my country. I never get bored of going, there is always something new to discover; no two trips are the same. It’s expanse, it’s network of tubes and trains, it’s hustle and bustle; it calls to me. I am a Brummie girl after all. A…


Speaking: Loud and Proud

Know what inspires me the most? Other patients. Other ostomy patients, other IBD patients. Those people who have a connection to me once I share my own journey. I met these people last week at a Coloplast Care day. I spoke about how I came to have my ostomy, my IBD history in brief and how life has been since surgery. I…


A Day in the Life – The ROManTIC Trial

Two weeks ago, I was invited to the Royal College of Surgeons in London for discussions of a new trial for Ileocecal Crohn’s patients. This has been the first time I’d been invited – well, I had sought out this day for my own medical geeky-ness – to participate in something so formal and important as a possible trial. Its…


Stoma Nurses; What makes them so important?

A couple weeks ago I got the chance to interview my  stoma nurse about her job role; this is Q & A with Nicola Jennings: Stoma Care Nurse at Good Hope Hospital in the Heart of England NHS Trust. What is a stoma nurse? The title for the role at the hospital I work is ‘Colorectal Specialist Nurse’, this incorporates stoma…



It is always great to see a social media campaign get a startling, yet thoroughly deserved coverage and support sorely needed for IBD. Campaigns for IBD here in the UK haven’t always kicked off the way those behind or supporting it have wanted. There is some professional jealousy, as to why IBD still does hasn’t achieved the publicity and awareness…


CCFA: Escape The Stall

I am British; I reside in the UK and we do not have many public service campaigns or advertisements for medical conditions or indeed medications. We differ alot in how we publicise and explain IBD to the United States. That being said, the new CCFA campaign “Escape The Stall” has been all over the social networking system and indeed in…


: National Invisible Chronic Illness Awareness Week is Coming! September 10-16, 2012

chroniccurve: National Invisible Chronic Illness Week is here! It’s time to spread the word and participate in this event. I’ll be blogging each day with a different topic relevant to invisible illness and what you can do you make positive changes to help others with these diseases in our society. It’s… : National Invisible Chronic Illness Awareness Week is Coming!…


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