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Discharge Euphoria

“You can go home today”   The most joyful words that can be uttered during a morning ward round when you have been in hospital for anything more than a couple days. You think back to your home and all the wonderful lovely things that await you – a soft bed. A shower! Fresh pjs and bed sheets. No more bleach smell. Peace, quiet and your creature comforts. But what exactly have you agreed to upon discharge? Have you take too much on? What if you can’t do everything you’ve been asked to do, were you too optimistic?  I’ve named…


IBD & My Relationship with my Parents

Chronic Illness and Family. Being sick definitely changed the dynamic of our family. Diagnosis Day landed a brick in our household that came from nowhere. We didn’t know how to act, we didn’t know how to communicate and we didn’t know how to respond to what I was being told – You have an incurable illness that will be lifelong and difficult at times.  I remember just being glad it wasn’t cancer. I also remember thinking that I would beat this and it would be over soon and thing would go back to normal. We all know, ‘going back to normal‘…


Do I Consider Myself Disabled?

Inspired by the KTMY post ‘Am I Disabled? Why you should define chronic illnesses as a disability’ Does ‘Invisible Illness’ Equal ‘Disability’?   Controversial but a hotly debated topic for those within the chronic and invisible illness community. Lots of questions get raised such as: What is a chronic illness?  What is an invisible illness? Should this conditions come under disability? What exactly is disability? How do we measure this? How does labelling those with chronic and invisible illnesses as ‘disabled’ impact on them? How do you define your own disability if you have an chronic or invisible illness? I’ll try…


Pain: When does Acute turn into Chronic?

Pain. It’s all relative. It was last Spring and I had just started on a new pain relief medication, after a stint in A&E. I was already on Amitriptyline and now we were adding Gabapentin into the mix. I had been living with my rectal stump for almost eighteen months at this point and every day it was getting more and more uncomfortable. With it’s intimate location, I was limited to what I could take to ensure I could get some respite from the pain. I’d also been doing steroid enemas to help with the mild inflammation from a scope…


This is Not My First Choice

Monday. This morning I ordered my stoma supplies with my delivery company and my prescription with my GP.  By next week I’ll be organising and putting away another months worth of supplies to get me through August.  August. My stoma was created three years ago this August. The day before my partners birthday – we celebrated my ‘new’ chapter and his life.  I was always very comfortable with my stoma. Never really hated it as a concept, just what it would do to my skin when my new liquid poop burnt my skin. There are ways to cope with that, but what…


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