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August 2018

August; you still hate me   Every August seems to be my most dreadful of all the months. Without fail, this happens. And this year, whilst avoid an admission, I’ve still had to battle through. Stoma wise; despite gaining some weight – some, ha! – my stoma has been really settled. Except for a few days in the middle of…


Pancaking and Ballooning – An Education

What is Pancaking and what causes it? Pancaking is when the front and back of your ostomy bag get pulled together, resulting in no output being allowed to drop down into the pouch; instead it sits around your stoma, on your baseplate and can causes issues. It is believed to be caused either by the filter on the appliance being…


What does it mean to be a “patient”?

Just HOW do you do it *all* when you’re chronically ill? It is a question I wonder about from time to time. Sometimes I have my shit together and other times I don’t. And sometimes, this is just the way it goes; for some, for others, for the many. I don’t seem to have an off season with my IBD,…


Happy 2nd Stomaversary!

What I’ve Learnt and Achieve in the Last Twelve Months with my Ostomy   Year One with a stoma came and went with great highs and terrible lows. I started Year Two by saying this: But what did the next twelve months have in store for me? I would be admitted to hospital a few days later, in horrific pain which…


Iron Deficiency & IBD

What is Iron Deficiency and what can cause it? A lack of iron – a deficiency – commonly causes iron-deficiency anaemia (IDA). It occurs when your body doesn’t have enough iron to produce hemoglobin. Hemoglobin is the part of red blood cells that gives blood its red color and enables the red blood cells to carry oxygenated blood throughout your body.…


IBD Basics: Endoscopy

Endoscopy: The When and Why Diagnosing IBD is no easy task: it is a complicated disease which presents in very many ways. However, what should occur is your doctor will take your history and perform a physical exam. The physical exam will focus on the GI tract, including inspection of the anus and possibly a rectal examination. They may order…


A Practical Guide to Fatigue

A typical conversation between myself and some colleagues usually discusses how tired we are. I tend to agree, because I am yawning and needing all the caffeine to get me through the day of work ahead. But, more often than not, it is more than that: I am fatigued. And yes, this is different to just “being tired“; it is something…


IBD Basics: MRI, CT & Ultrasound

What are MRI, CT and Ultrasound scans & why are they important? To make a diagnosis of Crohn’s disease, your doctor will likely gather information from multiple sources. You’ll probably go through a combination of exams, lab tests, and imaging studies with these goals in mind: Rule out other health problems Make a clear diagnosis of Crohn’s disease Find out…


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